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Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Does pricing make any difference?

Whilst on holiday I was restricted in the time I could spend promoting my book so I decided to reduce my price to rock bottom to see if it affected sales at all... Well, the day I did I sold three books. But I suspect these sales came from Facebook via people I might know!

I would love all you avid readers out there to take a chance on my book and at least check out the sample.  I have received nothing but positive praise (not from my family might I add...) and I have worked really hard for over two years before publishing. If it has errors - I apologise.  I am still to read a book published by a known publisher that is error free! A good one the other day was snausages... erm...what are those?

You can now buy my debut novel HYBRID for £0.77 or $0.99 from either Amazon or Smashwords - links on the side of my blog.

Have a great week and thanks for having a look... I really appreciate it.
Vanessa :) xx

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