Fundraising Anthologies

I have published six anthologies in to raise money for charity. All profits raised go to the causes. The authors involved and myself gave up our stories for these charities. Most of the profits raised came about via initial paperback sales, but currently most profit raised is via eBook sales.

These collections feature many new and exciting authors and I highly recommend them.

If you do read them, please leave a review... thank you,
Vanessa Wester

Raising money for NSPCC (£134.88 donated so far)

Raising money for FOODBANK (£68.14 donated so far)

Raising money for GURNARD PRIMARY SCHOOL (£116 donated so far)

Child's Illustration

 Raising money for Cancer Research (£97.55 donated so far)

LOVE IS IN THE AIR - raising money for Diabetes UK (£58.47 donated so far)

OUT OF DARKNESS - raising money for British Heart Foundation (£56.08 donated so far)

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