Romantic Fiction

Lose yourself in a collection reminiscing on first love, regret, and passion.

When Alice gets invited to a ball on Christmas Day, she is over the moon, especially since it is her FIRST DATE. However, the bubble bursts too soon. It turns out she is filling in for an ex-girlfriend. Even so, she puts on a brave face and heads for the ball. She can have a good time even if it does not lead to love. A ball is still a ball after all... 

At Christmas time, THE ENGAGEMENT PARTY should be a special event. But, Rachel might get a lot more than she expected on her big day. A stranger from the past flushes out feelings she had put aside. A lost love is hard to forget...

A mission becomes harder than expected in CARELESS CUPID. You are not supposed to fall in love with the person you are trying to help!

In PRECIOUS, three different generations appreciate the timeless value of a book. 

BLACK WARNING reminds us that innocence and trust are valuable traits, especially when facing the unknown.


"... easily devoured in a single sitting."

"It is young love so fresh & new with all the trappings of heartache & embarrassment that can go with it."

"This is Chick-Lit with a twist, and a squeeze of class. The style is comfortable, fluid and at ease with itself."

"...delightful shorts, each approaching love from a different angle. The first reminds us all of how tumultuous young love or "infatuation" can be, never knowing how your heart truly feels until it's forced to decide. The second was my favorite because it threw a bit of otherworldly interest into the mix. I loved the idea of a cupid sent from above to help us out. And the final short reminds us that what once was can never be again. This book was a great way to spend some down time without having to get embroiled in complicated subplots and character analysis. Easy beach or before bed read!"

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JHBookBlogs - January 11th, 2016

"First Date is a collection of five stories with an excerpt from a longer novel at the end.  I suspect that First Date and Engagement Party will resonate with many.  We then have Careless Cupid, a supernatural encounter and Precious, a generation-spanning tale.  The final story was the darker Black Warning.

I was pleasantly surprised by Vanessa Wester’s ability to paint vivid pictures for her readers within the constraints of the short story format.  In her first two works, she cleverly used topics with which most of us are familiar.  The excitement and anxieties created by the first date and the family dynamics of an engagement party.

Having pulled her readers in with her easy writing style, Ms Wester then gives us three rather different stories, culminating with Black Warning which will send a shiver down many a spine.  The author maintained a consistent pace and stuck to her task, not falling into the trap of irrelevant sub-plots.

I would recommend this book to anyone looking for a light read which will take no more than a couple of hours.  If like me, you don’t normally read short stories, this delightful mix may well change your mind.  I have no hesitation in awarding this book five stars."

Roy Murray - September 8th, 2014

"I remember my first date with the most beautiful redhead I have ever met and dated up to and including our High School Prom. Later in college, she found her soul mate and married him, while I was fighting a war in Vietnam.

Vanessa’s FIRST DATE brought back memories of my first date and it will for you.  The book is two romantic short stories in one. It is free on today.

Ms. Wester does a fine job of setting you up for what you would think would happen on a first date. The tension is there between the two participants: the holding of the hands for the first time, the opening of the door by the male, and the inquisitive conversation – He cares for me?

Then Vanessa throws in a factor that changes the dynamic of the first date – another man. Only by reading this quick moving love story will you get the answer."


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