Friday, 14 August 2015

Summertime is not writing time for me...

During the past few months, we have been having a lot of work done at our house and had to move out for 7 weeks. We are now back home, but there was a lot of cleaning up to do! Coupled with the kids being off holiday you can imagine I am getting no writing done at all!

Round the Island Race, Cowes, June 2015
As much as this is sad, there are many great book out there for you to read.

I hope some of you will be patient and wait for my next installment...

Either way, for anyone coming to my blog for the first time, thank you for taking the time. If you read any of my novels, I appreciate all the support you guys give me. My books have not died a death yet... PHEW!

Cake I won at a raffle in the "Race for Life" event
I attach several picture for you to enjoy.

All the best
Vanessa :)
London Holiday with my husband to celebrate 15th Wedding Anniversary

Art we saw in Harrods! Out of our price-range...