Wednesday, 20 August 2014


At the end of 2012 I started writing a short story for one of the anthologies I was doing and it got so long I decided to publish it separately.

FIRST DATE is an adaptation of my real first date... most of it (apart from the end) is more or less what happened. I have changed the names around of course.

I have had some great reviews for it, but I find that selling short stories is not an easy task. There are so many other collections out there!

To make it a more worthwhile read, I have added three short stories from other anthologies I have published.

At the moment, it is FREE for 3 days and then I will remove it from KDP and also publish it on smashwords to give it a wider audience.

So, this might be your last chance to get it FREE before it reverts to a whopping 77p or $0.99!

So please, enjoy and share with friends.

Have a great day,

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=> FIRST DATE (Love & Regrets) <=

Lose yourself in a collection reminiscing on first love, regret, and passion. In little bite size treats...

In FIRST DATE, when Alice gets invited to a ball on Christmas Day she is bowled over. No-one had ever asked her out on a date before, let alone invited her to a ball. However, the bubble bursts too soon. It turns out she is filling in for an ex-girlfriend. Even so, she puts on a brave face and heads for the ball. She can have a good time even if it does not lead to love. A ball is still a ball after...

In CARELESS CUPID, a mission becomes harder than expected... you are not supposed to fall in love with the person you are trying to help.

In THE ENGAGEMENT PARTY, Rachel might get a lot more than she expected on her big day. A stranger from the past flushes out feelings she had put aside. A lost love is hard to forget...

In PRECIOUS, different generations appreciate the timeless value of a book.


"... easily devoured in a single sitting."

"It is young love so fresh & new with all the trappings of heartache & embarrassment that can go with it." 

"This is Chick-Lit with a twist, and a squeeze of class. The style is comfortable, fluid and at ease with itself." 

"...delightful shorts, each approaching love from a different angle. The first reminds us all of how tumultuous young love or "infatuation" can be, never knowing how your heart truly feels until it's forced to decide. The second was my favorite because it threw a bit of otherworldly interest into the mix. I loved the idea of a cupid sent from above to help us out. And the final short reminds us that what once was can never be again. This book was a great way to spend some down time without having to get embroiled in complicated subplots and character analysis. Easy beach or before bed read!"

Friday, 15 August 2014

Cowes Week 2014

Another Cowes week has gone by and it feels strange to think that summer is a few weeks from coming to a close. For those of you who have not heard of Cowes week, it is a week when tons of sailors and their yachts descend on Cowes for a jolly good show! CLICK here for more

Since I do not sail it is a bit wasted on me, but the atmosphere is great and there are lots of people sat on the green watching... what exactly I never know, but I assume it is the racing (if you can see or understand what is going on!)

The best fun is to be had on the streets during the day as a range of musicians busk and entertain the masses!

This year they also had a big wheel which gave amazing views of Cowes.

Northwood House
In the evening, bands come out in force and its brilliant (one day I'll go out every night... babysitter needed!)

The weather on the Isle of Wight has been fantastic over July, BUT last week it was not great... and this week it has been even worse. I think I have gone swimming in the sea twice so far, which is pathetic!

Anyway, at least the red arrows managed to make an appearance even though it poured the whole day... I was glad we live walking distance away and only went out at the last moment.

I felt so sorry for the families with children that had been out in the rain for 8 hours just so that they could get a parking spot!

Anyway, the kids will be back at school soon, the routine will return and I will be able to get some writing done... maybe?

Enjoy the pictures & enjoy the rest of the summer.

Vanessa :0) xx

Saturday, 2 August 2014

Happy Birthday to ME!

Just a short post to tell you all it's my BIRTHDAY today! Woo hoo! :)

Off to see The Lion King in Southampton!

Hope you all have a brilliant day...

Vanessa :) xx

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