Thursday, 10 September 2015

Every Cloud has a Silver Lining

Well, 2015 is over half-way up and now that my children are all back at school I can reflect and decide what I want to achieve this year.

I have not published anything new in a while, mainly because I am working on a bigger project, and family life has taken over as you can see from the lack of blogs, etc. I also think that Social Media is not as exciting as it once was... (yep, the phrase "in the good old days" seems relevant).

I am guilty of the crime many others commit. I check what's going on and then leave. I barely have time for much conversation. It has become part of normal life to check on my emails, Twitter, Facebook, etc. When I started using them it was exciting. The possibilities seemed endless. Yet, as much as I love seeing the updates of my friends, family, and "connections" it seems empty if you don't actually talk to people.

Talking? What is that I hear you ask.

This is why I love books and reading. I can escape into a different world without any expectations other than those I seek. If I don't enjoy the story I leave it... especially when it's a freebie download via my kindle!

We all take what we want from this life. 

I have just bought two very interesting books...



I guess it is part of who I am that I want to know about my past and what makes me human. To try to understand why I am so irrational!

My interest in Science and Evolution should come as no surprise since I have written a paranormal novel based on the idea of a new evolutionary species. I am also working on a historical fiction novel, which has enabled me to analyse me ancestral past and how it potentially shaped me.

I wonder why we all strive to overachieve and, if we fail to do so, why we feel like a huge disappointment?

I feel like I am failing because I have not published a book since 2013, but I know that I have never been happier as a person. I love my family and feel truly blessed in many ways. This week I have also had some fantastic news which will put my fragmented jigsaw puzzle of a life back together again.

So, we should all try to maintain some patience. Life is not a race it is a journey. I love the expression "Every Cloud has a Silver Lining"... so, so true.

I hope things that happen to bring you down get offset by something to make you smile. Let's remember to pick up that phone, meet up, and talk to people. It's so easy to lead a hermit life. I know.

Anyway, to all my Gibraltarian friends & family - HAPPY NATIONAL DAY! Everyone will be in red & white today on the Rock! Have fun...

All the best,