Friday, 28 June 2013

What a week! A radio interview, feature on Indie Press It, reading to school children, reviews, and editing...

WOW... sometimes everything seems to happen at once, and I have to hold my breath and think "seriously, did that all happen to ME?"

Anyway, here it is... MY WEEK!

LIVE INTERVIEW via Lydia's Literary Lowdown with Lydia Aswolf

Okay, so first of all I got interviewed LIVE by the lovely Lydia (follow her on Twitter

You can hear the interview by clicking here... BLOGTALK RADIO...

The feedback so far has been great from those who have listened to my rambling... (I did say a lot of uh huh, and yes, and blah blah... it was great FUN!)

Honestly, I am still in shock about the fact Lydia loves my writing so much... Maybe, just maybe, people aren't just being nice after all?!?!

Favourite quote... "You are hiding your light under a bushel"


My Writing Journey

After Lydia asked me to be interviewed, I was asked to write an article for INDIE IT PRESS... and it was accepted.

This is what I wrote (pictures added by Indie It Press)

I am really happy with the feature, and am very grateful to Leisa Greene for featuring me (follow her on Twitter


Over the past month or I have been featured in an Indie Pop Up Bookshop run by Daisy White (follow her on Twitter

I finally managed to go to one of the "Pop Ups" this Monday at Ardingly Arts Festival.  I had to drive over an hour each way, and get a ferry to get there... (yep, a VERY long day) but I finally met the lovely Daisy and left her some stock of my books to sell - and they are signed! A rare item indeed...

It was a great day, where I got to read to pupils at the school extract of both HYBRID and READING IS MAGIC. They seemed to enjoy both, but unfortunately had not brought money to buy books - this was unfortunate! When I went to an event with my son a few months ago, we were told to bring money to buy the books...

I then had to leave at 6pm so missed the main event (when Judi Dench would be there) courtesy of Wightlink, who only had a ferry running back to the Island at 9pm or Midnight...

Anyway, it was good to see what it was all about... Best of luck to Daisy in trying to sell my books!


Last night I got a brilliant phone call from an acquaintance who bought HYBRID months ago. She finally read it whilst on holiday and loved it so much she is now recommending it to all her friends... YAY! It made my night... and I have now sold a few "paperbacks" on amazon - I know, amazing...

Her comment was that she would never have expected to like that type of book. It does make me think my description is all wrong. As Lydia said on the interview, the Trilogy is a human story NOT a vampire tale. This is absolutely true!

Another reader has called it a thriller... so this is my take... a paranormal suspense thriller with real bite! Maybe, maybe not? Either way, just read it... then you'll know why everyone seems to like it!


Well, I can finally say that I have finished the Trilogy!!!! (Did you hear the fireworks go off there?)

Last week I finished writing the story. I now have to spend a few months editing, and I started by reading HYBRID again. I found a few minor things to change, and the new updated version is now online.

I am now going to read COMPLICATIONS before I start work on editing the finale.

This editing lark takes time to get right. The book will then go to my trusted readers for feedback, and I will then wait and keep my fingers crossed before starting the edit all over again!

Anyway, I have a swimming teachers meeting to prepare for now... my work never ends!

Speak soon
Vanessa :) xx


Saturday, 15 June 2013

The reason for my being so busy...

I find it hard to believe what I have managed to do over the past month... Unfortunately (before some of you ask), I have not finished my Trilogy. BUT, I have managed to get ready TWO short story compilations...

All details are on my latest blog for children -

The first, READING IS MAGIC, was published last week... and is in aid of the NSPCC. I have got to know some more lovely, new authors. For some of them, it is the first time they have had work published and I really hope they are pleased to have been a part of this.

I am particularly pleased with this cover (especially since my son is sitting in it!). It was probably the hottest day of the year so far, and the sea water was lukewarm - I couldn't believe it! I took the photo on my phone, and used it to create the cover (not bad, huh...)

I have to add that my son is honoured to be on the cover too... fame & fortune await! HA!

The second, GURNARD'S BOOK OF DELIGHTS, is published as an eBook (paperback to be finalised in the next few days). This collection is in aid of my children's Primary School.

It came about after I ran a literary competition at the school. The funny thing was it all started from my buying a book off an author I knew online. I was so impressed I bought some for my school, and then decided to present them to the school, then thought Oooo... I could run a competition... and then... yep, the collection! Some day I'll learn to just focus on one thing!

Truth, I am exhausted... but proud of what I have done! And I hope both raise some lovely cash for both causes.

I hope that now I can get my head back into my Trilogy!

BUT, I do have some exciting news...

I am going to be at the Ardingly Festival on the 24th June... courtesy of Daisy White and her POP UP INDIE BOOKSHOP details here -

Even Dame Judy Dench is going to be there... Eek!

My slot is at 4:30 PM!

To get involved as an author on future POP UPS... contact Daisy White:

I have no idea how it'll go... but I had to give it a go! whatever happens it'll be a fun day out!
I am also going to be interviewed by Lydia Aswolf on Saturday 22nd June on her BlogRadio station... this is in the US!!!
Again, fingers crossed it'll go okay - either way I'll have a good chat!
Lydia recently read my book and blew me away with an excellent Goodreads review:
"You know that habit...the one where you think you know where things are going in the book you're reading? Check such expectations at the door. Vanessa Wester isn't going concede to any expectations on behalf of her readers with her debut novel, HYBRID. No, she blows them to smithereens with real skill and panache. Solid, sympathetic characters, a breathtakingly fresh premise, and a pace that resulted in me finishing the book and immediately grabbing COMPLICATIONS, the next book in this series. I look forward to more from this talented author...and I've put my money where my mouth is to that effect."
Anyway, after all of this I hope to finish my Trilogy before school breaks up for the summer (fingers crossed).
Thank you again to all of you who constantly encourage me!
Vanessa :) xx