Tuesday, 6 August 2013


I find it hard to believe that even though I left Gibraltar in 1994... The debate over sovereignty of the rock remains, and Gibraltarians and other nationalities alike are held hostage by the Spanish Authorities as they attempt to cross the border.

A lot of great articles abound on the Internet which explain the situation a lot better than I can but I can tell you (from experience) that I hope the attention remains after the event loses its news appeal. This situation is real for the people involved, it affects their livelihood and can be extremely intimidating - I remember my mother saying we should never go to Spain again!

Now, I have just been to Benidorm on holdiay and I loved it there. The Spanish people I met were friendly, open and welcoming. And when I said I was from Gibraltar originally (after being asked why I spoke Andalucian when I looked so English) they did not flinch or seem annoyed - they accepted it with a smile. 

I do not like this twisted politics which makes out Spanish people to hate Gibraltar - I mean, come on... Have you not seen how BIG Spain is compared to Gibraltar?!

For a long time I would not tell Spanish people I was from Gibraltar for fear of how I would be perceived... But, I have long realised that most people are fed up of these games!

As a Gibraltarian, I am proud to be British - my descendants come from England, Scotland, Italy, and Spain. The point is why does it matter? 

My thoughts go out to all the people involved and to my family and friends on the rock.

Vanessa :) xx