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Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Rejection... how do we deal with it?

I know I have not blogged much recently, more for lack of something to say really. I am writing, working, reading, spending time with family...

But, you might be interested to know that I decided to submit my novel to one agency for potential representation. I know... I wanted that one.

Now, I know I was probably asking for a rejection, based on the fact I did not take long to prepare it. In fairness, last time I tried I took ages and it got me nowhere. I felt that the writing should speak for itself, and with things being digital, they could either read it or not. I submitted what they asked for after all.

So, no surprises then when I received this yesterday...

"Dear Vanessa, 

Thank you for sending me The Victorian Dream and for giving me the opportunity to consider your work. 

I have read your material, but I did not feel it would be right for my list and therefore I am unable to offer you representation.

I am sorry not to be writing with better news, but I hope this response will not discourage you and I wish you all the best with your writing.

Best wishes"

Effectively a standard nondescript NO.

The truth is that agents get hundreds of submissions and have to wade through what is called the "slush pile" to find something that will sell to the masses. I understand, which is why I gave up nearly 4 years ago, that the chance of your work being picked is slim.

Interesting articles to read...

How to interpret Rejection Letters

I guess from my rejection email... the agent included my name, correct book title, and said they'd read the submission (hmm...). Not completely terrible, maybe?

Don't Give up until you've queried 80 agents or more

The problem with this article is that I have never been a patient person... Like was said in the classic and fantastic film, Shawshank Redemption "Get busy living or get busy dying"

I am sure an agency out there might my new novel. In fact, one was interested a few months ago when I took part in the #pitchwars via Twitter. But, I soon realised the books they had on their website had hardly any sales and they were not even going to print a hardback. Therefore, I can do it all myself again via KDP, Smashwords, and Createspace.

I once talked to an online friend, Terry Tyler, about this and she also said that she had given up on agents. She has written several blogs about this... A FEW SELF-PUBLISHING TRUTHS

I am unsure what to do now, since I would love to have more support and experience behind my historical novel. I am currently still writing up the original letters found by my parents for the second book in the series, and am unsure on whether to publish the first or not. Read my latest update... Finished the Diary!

I'll give myself a week or so to consider my options. At least, the agent did not say... "Give up Now!"

Either way, I think I will head Terry's advice and edit further - NOT another 'how to write' article - but it may help new writers...

Anyway, thank you to all who continue to support me.

TO AGENT OR NOT TO AGENT? That is indeed the question...

Vanessa :)


  1. I've never even tried an agent, Vanessa. Just the idea depresses me! Yet one more door between you and the reader. I would just go for it! Xx

    1. I think it depends on the book. Some books do need agents and big publishers. This is why I submitted. I think they can help me make it better.

  2. But if you find the right agent it can be most heartwarming to know that you're on the right track, even if, ultimately, you are rejected. I think one way to avoid rejection blues is to have zero expectations, and to make a list of suitable agents and work through them, so there are always other possibilities. :) I still wouldn't bother now, though - when I've had interest they've always wanted me to change the book too much. I'd rather dance to my own tune!

    1. Luckily, I did have zero expectations... but, I still had to try :)