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Tuesday, 2 February 2016

#Charity Anthologies

A few years ago, I published six anthologies to raise money for charity. This was great fun at the time and I got to meet some super authors.

Seeing as it is Valentine's Day coming up, I have some free promotions coming up and have even made a new cover for one of them, LOVE IS IN THE AIR!

The price of this eBook is only 99p or $0.99. 

Or, if you want a FREE copy then download it this week on the 3rd & 4th Feb, or next week on the 10th & 11th Feb. Either way, do me a favour and leave a review please? Thank you SO much.

I am keeping a running total of sales so that I can donate any proceeds to charity and have currently got £14.65. I will make the next donation after the end of the UK Tax Year - April 16. Help me get to £20 please?

Just in case you're wondering, I took the cover picture at 4:30 A.M. before the "Round the Island Race" last year. I don't know why I like to wake up for this... must be the view! If you have not been to Cowes to see this event I recommend it. A very impressive sight.

I leave you with the foreword by Angela Kelman, who explains a bit more about how "Love is in the Air" came about, and why we choose this particular charity - Diabetes UK.

All the best,

"Having a story to tell is one thing.  Deciding on the right way to tell it is something else. 
Do you tell it in first person?  Do you tell it in third person?  Do you tell it in present tense?  Do you tell it in past tense?  And do you split the point of view between more than one character?  Will it all work out in the end?  The mind boggles. It can be a daunting thought, especially when the end can seem so far away, on the last page of a notebook needing filled.

This takes me on to one of the perks to writing short stories – the end never feels too far away.  And, if you want to see how the story works written in a different tense, then it’s a much more manageable task to handle.  This small decision can make you feel completely differently towards a story.  It’s a decision that needs to be right.

The lovely thing about a short story book is that you can get examples of all these different types of writing under one cover.  It will, in return, definitely give YOU the reader something you love.

I can’t believe this is the third short story book to be released by the same group of authors.  Some of the authors have changed since OUT OF DARKNESS hit Amazon in October; more writers introduced their work, not only to you, but to us, for A FESTIVE FEAST.  And now, more still, for LOVE IS IN THE AIR.

All of the authors involved have been a great, supportive bunch of people.  I’ve met some good friends along the way.  I’m glad and proud to be here for the journey.  I’d like to say a big thanks to Vanessa, for getting the ball rolling those months ago, but also, to the writers, for keeping it rolling.  Let’s see how many more writers we can pick up along the way.
So, may you enjoy our new romantic collection of short stories.  May you laugh, cry, gasp and sigh your way from cover to cover.  And may we continue to raise money for some wonderful charities at the same time.

This particular book is raising money for Diabetes UK.  This charity not only cares and unites people affected by diabetes, but its active research is always pushing forward to help in prevention, improving care and treatment, and working towards finding a cure.

My son was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes three years ago at the age of 6.  Type 1 Diabetes develops when the body’s immune system attacks and destroys the cells that produce insulin.  He needs two injections everyday to keep his insulin levels up and his blood sugar levels down.   I see, everyday, how this can affect a young person’s life, and I hope one day, like many others, that it will be a thing of the past.

This charity is very close to my heart, so I thank you for your support.  We couldn’t do it without you.

Kind Regards,
Angela Kelman"

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  1. A great idea and a wonderful inspiration. That's what you are, Vanessa! I will buy it if it's available on the Amazon.NL site xx