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Sunday, 21 February 2016

Thomas Hardy - what a find!

I watched the DVD of Far From the Maddening Crowd by Thomas Hardy and loved it! So, I quickly downloaded free eBooks via amazon and read "The Trumpet-Major". I will read Far form the Maddening Crowd next, but will not be as shocked since I know the plot already!

"The plot of "The Trumpet-Major" is fantastic, with so many twists along the way that I was shocked on the last page at the outcome!

To summarise, Anne is a woman sought out by three different men... two brothers and the detestable Festus! The scenes where Festus gave chase made me laugh out loud and cringe at the annoying man's insistence!"

Read the Full review on my Reader Blog.

Thomas Hardy's style of writing is fantastic, and there is nothing predictable in his plot. Considering this book was published in 1880, I found it easy to read and was lost in that world of Napoleonic Wars and marital pursuits!

It is interesting to reflect upon a time when men acted like peacocks trying to lure females... respectfully, or not in the case of the character, Festus - he made me laugh!

In this modern age, there will always be an annoying Festus - the one we don't want, but wants us. The admirable John, who is so guarded you never know where you stand. And the frivolous, Bob, who no matter how they act will always be forgiven!

Nothing changes over time... or, does it?

I recommend this classic tale and will persevere on my intention to read "War & Peace" - at 20%, but it's going to take a while.

Again, needless to say, my writing has come to a standstill. Tomorrow, the kids go back to school and I will endeavour to focus!

All the best to you all,
Vanessa :)

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