Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Oh what a wonderful feeling...

For the past few days I been on a bit of a roll. 

I decided to do another major edit of my book just when my sister in law happened to have nearly finished it.  It tied in beautifully.  I am hoping that with these final tweaks Hybrid will be in the best shape ever.  I am also finalizing the paper back copy and have made more changes to make it look even better.  This is hard work but I'll get there in the end.

I also cooked for my friend this weekend.  It was really good fun.  I decided to auction myself as cook for a night to raise money for a local charity - the pre-school my daughter goes to.  This was the menu...


Gambas al pil pil
(Prawns in an olive oil, garlic and chilli marinade). 

Spanish Omelette
(with onions)

Spanish Meatballs

Grilled Swordfish

Served with salad, bread & olives


Seafood &Mixed Paella


Bailey’s & Strawberry layered cake
(covered in meringue & flake)

It was a hard days work but it raised money for a good cause and made a good friend very happy.
What have you done to raise money for other people recently?  Anything to share?

I have also enrolled Hybrid on to the KDP scheme so soon anyone on Amazon Prime will be able to download it for FREE...

And finally, today I found out that I have reached my ideal BMI...  I am now the right weight for my height... hooray!  I have lost 12 kg or about 26 pounds in 7 months and I am fitter than ever...

So, I am on a high! May it long last :)
Author of HYBRID, Book One in the Evolution Series

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