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Tuesday, 26 June 2012

The dreaded sickness bug

Today I have been at home at the beck and call of my 3 year old who has the sickness bug.  Poor thing has been ill all day... it's horrible!

But, it made me think... it must be so nice to have someone to look after you all day when you are feeling low.  When I'm ill - life goes on.  There was only one time I can think of when I was dying... literally... and my husband had to come home from work - it was not pretty!

Anyway, the point is when we are feeling low we need to embrace down time.  Take some time out and then hit our job, hobby, life, etc. with a vengence when we feel better.  You can't just mope and wallow in self pity for ever... I did for quite a few years. I was convinced the grass was always greener elsewhere.  New house, new country, new friends... I was never happy. 

Now I am so grateful.  Even though my kids get sick and I have to be here for them I am glad I can be.  It's my job as their mother.  And since I have no-one else that can help that's just the way it goes.

With writing it's the same thing.  You have an idea, you develop it, you spends hours completing it and then you let it lose...and hope you've done a good job.  But even then, just like being a parent, there is always room for improvement.  I think we should never think "well I did the best I could."  You should think "I will carry on trying to do a better job."  There is no time for complacency.  Every lesson you give your child and every book you write counts.  It's part of the journey to being the best you can be.

So, if you are unhappy - do something about it!
* Lose weight if you want to look better
* Go out with friends if you feel lonely
* Cook yourself a nice meal just because you want to know you can
* Go out for a long walk and embrace your surroundings
* Join a writers group (if you're a writer) and discuss your writing and books you enjoy
* Like yourself as a person

We all count.  Sometimes, just because we don't have a mum around to look out for us, we forget that we are just as important as everything else in our lives.  Try not to.

Thanks for reading
Vanessa :) xx

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