Monday, 25 June 2012

Should you give an opinion?

Today I thought of deleting my last blog post.  Why?  Because I have heard that as a writer it is not good to voice your opinions so that you don't alienate your readers.  Is this true?  I don't know, I'd rather be honest and upfront - I'm that kind of person.  I don't think Ms. James complains when anyone talks about her.  I just read an article today on the BBC talking about how she sells in excess of 200,000 copies a week - outstriping Dan Brown's Da Vinci Code.

So, even though it's not my kind of story I have got renewed respect for Ms. James.  Fifty shades is getting a response.  People are talking about books and people who don't usually read are reading - this is a great thing.

Personally, I prefered this phenomenon happening after Harry Potter and Twilight were released.  The key difference being that young readers began to read again... our future generation.  A book is always better than TV or computer games.

But, there is a lost generation of people of around my age who don't read (mid thirties)... a generation awed by t.v., records, tapes, the video, the computer, CD's, the DVD, the internet, mp3 players, ipod's, ipad's - the list goes on.  I love technology... I can't imagine life without my ipad anymore.  It is sad, isn't it?  Then again... I love to read and recently I barely watch T.V. even though I was a complete t.v. addict 10 years ago (of course if they brought back Buffy I might be converted

Books are now exciting and more accessible for this generation - eBooks.  Get books at the touch of a button.  No need to peruse stores, pay more, or waste fuel ... good right?  Well... is it?  I love going to the bookstore. I love the interaction with staff...especially at Waterstones - they know their books and if they don't they look it up for you.  That's what I call service. Then again I like to get a good price - don't we all?

Personally, I love the way books can now be discussed with relative easy via Goodreads, Amazon forums, writer's groups.  It's fantastic.  I don't feel like such a geek.  As a mum of 3, it is difficult to go to a regular book club... online bookclubs are the best.

So, to summarise - well done J.K. Rowling, Dan Brown, John Grisham, Stephenie Meyer, Suzanne Collins and now E.L. James... you have got people reading, talking about books, and thinking.  What would life be without free thought?!

And to all aspiring writers, as Suzanne Collins wrote... "may the odds be truly in your favour."
Vanessa :) xx

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