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Sunday, 24 June 2012

Fifty shades ...what?

I bought Fifty Shades Darker for £3 from the supermarket to see what all the fuss was about and... truth... I'm not happy.  I am still working really hard to make Hybrid the best it can be ... I listen to advice and feedback.... I take onboard hints and tips.  I WORK HARD.  And then... find out a series like Fifty Shades is a bestseller.  One actively promoted by all the money grabing booksellers as the next big thing! Come on!  I have held back my comments since I did not want people to think I was jealous in any way... trust me jealously does not come into this... but after seeing what other people think on amazon and Goodreads I feel better. 


You can get cheap, free erotica by going to Smashwords, Booksie or Wattpad - I have not downloaded any to compare (sorry) but if erotica is what you want then... why pay for it?

I don't understand how it can be sooo hard for new authors to get into the publishing industry and then find that retailers are willing to sell rubbish.  I guess this is just business, don't take it personally... Anyway, I have had my vent.  Please, please, if readers have any sense at all - start giving a chance to new authors and don't just read what the stores are trying to sell. 

I loved Twilight since I read it and have felt ashamed to admit it at times since people thought Stephenie Meyer's writing was terrible - well, compared to E.L. James ... no comment! You get my drift.  I resent people comparing Twilight to the Fifty Shades series... and if Ms. James was a Twilight fan - it seems to me this is a case of Fan fiction gone crazy...

I don't know what the rest of you think... but can anyone explain this to me?  Why is this such a big hit?  Why?

As a last note, my book has been described as original, well thought out and clever... it needs some work but hey compared to Ms. James I'm excellent... I finally even have family members that have read and approve of it!  Amazing... in my case my family was the most skeptical... lol.  So my biggest critics like it!

I hope this issue raises some debate - I don't know what the future of self publishing will be if it's just a case of erotica sells... I don't stand a chance!  (Even though I do have scenes of an adult nature - not stupid ones!)

Sorry if my blog is a big rant - but I have been holding it back for two weeks!
Vanessa :) xx

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