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Friday, 15 June 2012

Independant Review of Hybrid - 4/5 stars!

Miranda Stork kindly offered to interview me and and review Hybrid.  I am thrilled with the results... even though I will have to review my knowledge of apostrophe's again! Bah humbug ... I'll get there in the end!
Thanks for reading
Vanessa :) xx
p.s. When I get enough sales to justify the investment I will get an editor... although I still live in hope that an agent/ publisher will spot this!

The Interview...


The Review...


Good Points
The first (literally) good point of this book was the beginning. So many books are brilliant, but are slow to get into, but not this one-I was dragged in straight away, and hooked to the story! I loved the character descriptions, I could see them so clearly, and I could see them walking around the student pads and stalls on freshers week. The author has done a huge amount of research into what every corner of something should look like. And the story was a joy to read because it flowed so well, leading you just the right amount of steps into the next part of the story.

Bad Points
Unfortunately, an otherwise perfect story was marred by quite a few typing errors. There were a LOT of apostrophes in the wrong places, which made it a little jarring to read at times. There were also a few words missing, or a singular used instead of a plural. But this wasn’t enough to put me off what is a fantastic story, it would just be great to see this story with some good editing.

I loved this story! It was a fantastic start to a series which I hope to see more from soon, and I loved the characters! There was also a great twist in the tale, and it was original and well-thought out. I would recommend this book to anyone who is looking for something new in their paranormal romance/fantasy section, and I can’t wait to see what this author comes up with in her next books!

I give it…….4/5 stars!

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