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Thursday, 31 May 2012

Editing again...

This week I have been trying to get my second book to work...just when I was close to finishing it I decided to do something radical and cut out 10,000 words.  They have moved to book three so you could say I'm ahead of the game now.  I'm not really - am I? 

The bonus is that I get to think of some new raw material and I already have a lot of ideas.  I went on a school trip with my eight year daughter this week.  As we sat by the sea I got out my notepad and wrote a whole new scene.  Talk about inspiration.  Glorious sun, peaceful setting, perfection.

Anyway, I am off on holiday this week so I will take my notepad and try to be inspired again...it won't take that long to write another 10,000...ever the optimist!

For all you authors out there, hope you all get inpired in your writing journeys.  And don't be afraid to cut, edit, delete.  It's how a good story becomes a great one.

Thanks for all the positive comments I have received so far on Hybrid...

Vanessa :) xx

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