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Thursday, 19 July 2012

My children make me proud...

Well, it's the end of another school year, so school reports were handed out. Boy, was I chuffed... All of my children have thrived this year and got excellent reports! I must have something to do with that... All my years of being a "dragon" have not been wasted. These are my highlights...

 For my son - "consciencous & hardworking"

My daughter - "a role model student"

My youngest daughter - "happy & content"

 Wow... I know, I sometimes think they morph when they enter school (just kidding...no, not really)

 Anyway, I finished writing the second book in the Evolution Series - it has no name at the moment (having a rethink) - which is lucky since during the school holidays my writing time will disappear. Hybrid is FREE at the moment on Amazon UK until KDP see reason...

So what are waiting for - download now! It would be such a dream to be in the top 100!

 I'm off to feed my visiting Spanish students...

Hasta luego (later...)
Vanessa :) xx

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