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Sunday, 22 July 2012

To review or not to review...

I have read a lot of blogs or comments recently from a range of people (writers and readers) who all seem to think that asking for reviews is "not the done thing."

So, I have thought about this and had to throw my own thoughts in the mix (for what it's worth).

 As a reader, I look at reviews. I read them and always look at the lowest rating. I am more amused than anything to read what someone says. Most of the time I disregard if I think the story is good, but a rating does make me more interested. Not just in books, in buying anything. It's good to know if something is a good buy, or just looks like a good buy.

I don't see the harm in asking for reviews if someone has read your book. Before I published I never even thought about ratings. But, I know a friends who sells on eBay and she said ratings were very important to her as a seller of second hand goods. So, why shouldn't ratings matter to writers? If a reader is not asked to rate, why should they? Some do - you are fantastic! But, most readers (I think) don't.

 So, if I read your book, I will rate it. So, I will ask the same of you. If you read my book, please rate it. I would love to know what you think. I know everyone has a different view and that's fine, but your ratings and reviews do matter.

Indie/ self published authors need them, otherwise how will readers ever know what we write is worth their while...

I am hoping mine is a book you consider worth your while. Thank you for reading... Vanessa :) xx

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