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Saturday, 28 July 2012

Anyone else loving the Olympics?

Next week I will be heading off for London to watch Hockey and Basketball at the Olympics - in London (for anyone who has not heard about them...lol) I am so excited. I already went to see the Aquatic centre in March for the British Gas Champs and so even though I did not get swimming tickets I can say I was there... It does get me thinking though. I know some athletes will be disappointed for not getting the Gold (for e.g. Mark Cavendish, Michael Phelps, Hannah Miley...) but is it all about the Gold? I guess when you train as hard as they do it kind of is, but what about the rest of us. We all want to strike Gold in whatever we do, but we have to be realistic we are only human. In the world of books, it's all about the next big read, the first to get there with that new idea... It's no different in sport. First there gets gold! But, hey, personally if I know I have done my best is that not enough. I think we all have to strive to be the best we can, and be happy with that. Medals are great but then so is competing... Do your best and don't begrudge it when someone else's best is better than yours! In life, fate always has a hand...thanks for reading and to anyone who has downloaded my book - Thank you. It's a dream to know people have my book... And I won't be unhappy if I'm not no. 1! Vanessa :) xx

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