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Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Mystery solved!

On my previous post, I let you all know about the amazing downloads for HYBRID last Friday... well, it wasn't Goodreads!

It was FREEBOOKSY - Romance Kindle books for FREE

I was lucky enough to be chosen as a featured author. I must have put in a request ages ago and totally forgot about it... imagine my surprise when the downloads rocketed in!

To submit your own request to be featured on this site click HERE for a bunch of links kindly provided by the AUTHOR MARKETING CLUB for FREE (thank you)... may the odds be truly in your favour! :)

Right then, I am going to get some writing done today... oh yes I AM!

Have a great day, week, etc...

Vanessa :) xx


  1. Vanessa I owe you a reviews on amazon and goodreads. I caught your promotional offer via twitter Friday and now I have to read the other two. There was much to enjoy. Whoever says promotional offers don't work are wrong. ( :

    Anne Rice is the closest I've come to reading paranormal romance till now so that was interesting to me. I liked they were environmentalists and the exploration of an utopia/dsystopia.

    The way you described one twin as amping up her sister's emotions made me stop in my tracks. I thought either she knows what is to be psychic, has researched it well or made a good guess. Telepaths (or maybe those with slight biokinetic ability) can do that to one another. I've experienced it first hand. Strange but true. Don't worry that won't be in the review, but it did catch my attention.

    Thank you for your book. A review should appear soon. ( :



    1. Jenny,

      I have to admit that I was just feeling pretty down in the dumps over the fact that my free downloads have practically stopped! I keep thinking this is all a dream & that the sales I have achieved are a figment of my imagination! So you have no idea what it means to get this kind of comment right now. I am convinced that someone is looking out for me after all...

      I look forward to the review & want to THANK YOU immensely. It is incredible to think that I can actually connect with a reader & that my ramblings actually made some sense!

      Have a great week, and smile in the knowledge that you have made me smile.

      All the best,
      Vanessa :) HUGS