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Friday, 16 May 2014


I have not been on many Blog Tours, so I do not know how successful they are and whether readers actually follow the hop… I guess the amount of comments I get on this post will be my answer. This is a way for people to find new authors and genres via authors they currently read and follow – sounds like a good plan to me.

So, here goes… welcome to my post on the ‘Writer’s Blog Tour’. I was invited by an author I know very well since she submitted stories to two of the charity anthologies I have published, OUT OF DARKNESS and A TEST OF TIME.

You should head over to her post along this tour to find out more about her… the wonderful MADELINE DYER

As you are on my blog, I suggest you click on the 'ABOUT VANESSA WESTER' sign => => => to find out more about me... ultimately, my Twitter description says it all!

Author who is either being Mum, reading, writing, walking, teaching, or watching TV! Phew... #TETrilogy http://www.theevolutiontrilogy.blogspot.com

Now for the serious stuff... (really?)


What am I currently working on?

I am currently writing a historical fiction novel based on the life of my great, great, great grandparents who were born in 1841 & 1837 in Burnley & Liverpool, Lancashire, England!

I also have few other novels partially written & glaring at me for ignoring them… mainly romantic fiction, although one is for children! Whether they ever see the light of day is another matter - too many ideas, too little time J

How does my work differ from others in its genre?

I have not read a book like the one I am writing so I figure that makes it unique. Also, it is going to be based on a true untold story and therefore can’t overlap with many others.

Why do I write what I do?

This is a good question, but personally I prefer to think of it as why do I write at all? The answer to this (for me at least) is pure escapism. The ability to create a world that is all mine is slightly selfish. It allows me to leave reality and pretend I am someone else. 

The range of topics and characters come about from things I am passionate about (for example, relationships & history), as well as the exploration of science and supernatural powers - I always wanted to be Spiderwoman as a child!

How does my writing process work?

Again, a valid question… the problem is, do I have a process?

Personally, I just have an idea… I sit down and write it. As the story unfolds and develops, I start to make notes to ensure what I am doing works. I rarely plan ahead and know what I am going to write, although for my latest project I do actually know what happens since it is based on truth. So, this time I have an outline, but the way the characters interact and develop happens as I write.

I am still a relatively new writer since I only started in 2010, after a break of nearly twenty years since I sat my English exams! I have not attended many courses or been told how to write… I just do. It works for me, and it does not hold back my creativity.

Once the story is written, then the work really begins. I check it a LOT of times for errors, plot & character consistency, grammar, formatting issues, etc… then I send it to some trusted proof-readers and beta readers. The process repeats after I get their feedback.

I also find it helps to not read it for a month after completion, and then look at it with a fresh pair of eyes to make sure I am happy with the different settings.

It all takes time, but what’s the rush?

As an indie author, I have done most of the work myself. After completion, I have to sort out the formatting for the print version separately and the covers. It takes ages! Read my full story HERE. Maybe one day I’ll get snapped up by an agent & publisher? I am allowed to dream…

Now, to continue the tour, I give you Gary Henson (a fantastic Twitter friend who always gives me AMAZING support) and Michael Holley who, like me, also currently lives on the Isle of Wight. Both of these authors have also been involved in the Charity Anthologies.

As always, thanks for reading & have a fantastic weekend.
Vanessa :-)

Gary Henson was born in Levelland, Texas, among the dust storms, tumbleweeds, swamp coolers, cattle ranches and oil fields.  His family moved to Boulder, Colorado in the mid 60’s and yes, he does remember it.  He joined the US Nuclear Navy at 17, married his lovely, childhood sweetheart, Debbie, and then ‘saw the world’ for 9 years.  It was a somewhat oddly shaped world; seen through the periscope lens of a submarine.  He was also a software developer for over thirty years.

Storytelling is an everyday part of his life.  He has a tiny, but insistent, muse sitting on his shoulder always feeding him new and sometimes ‘challenging’ ideas.  The good ones he tries to put to paper, the rest he tries to bury very, very deeply.

Gary enjoys reading and spoiling his granddaughters.

Michael J Holley writes comedy fiction. He is the author of Plaster Scene, The Great Corporate Escape and The Christmas Number One (and other Christmas Stories). He was born in Southampton, England in 1977, and since then has moved to Liverpool and Manchester, but now he lives in Cowes on the Isle of Wight with his wife and two children.
Having been the taller half of the rhythm section for the indie-rock band Aura4, Michael still enjoys listening to proper music and tinkering around on his guitars. He also loves watching and playing football, watching comedy, reading (of course) and drinking coffee.

His next full-length novel, Blind Faith, will be out in the summer of 2014.


  1. Lovely post, Vanessa! It's always interesting to read about other authors' writing processes.

  2. Thanks a lot, Madeline! Thanks for inviting me along for the ride and passing me the baton... the relay continues (I hope) xx

  3. Brilliant post, dear. I am enjoying these Writing Process blogs. So good to read how other writers do it!

  4. Vanessa, I really liked this post and I'm looking forward to your book about your ancestors. I also felt inspired to write about The Victorian era , in my case by remembering some elderly Victorian ladies in my family who I met when I was a child! Good luck!

  5. Thanks for the comments... it's such a journey! This writing "hobby" is an obsession! LOL :)