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Saturday, 10 May 2014

Another stroke of luck...

Yesterday, my jaw nearly fell out as realised that I had had 600 downloads in the space of an hour for my FREE debut novel, HYBRID, via Amazon US! (The total downloaded yesterday was nearly 1400!)

Imagine my surprise when I saw it had rocketed to just over the top 100! Highest I saw was 140... like WOW!

Seriously... look at the screen!
No, not Nemo...
I think this is due to the fact I put myself down for a Q&A session via a Goodreads group - NEW Adult Book Club

But, the strange thing is I have not had a single question and according to Goodreads it has only had 10 views... so perhaps something else happened? It's a mystery...

Either way, I am thrilled to see a massive upward spike in downloads! I just hope the people who downloaded it enjoy... I dread feedback sometimes!

Have a great weekend all...

Vanessa :) xx


  1. Well that's phenomenal, Vanessa! Well done!! I'm not that surprised though. You write in a popular genre, the book has had great reviews and with the free price ticket, you can't go wrong! I wouldn't be nervous about the feedback either! it's a compelling story with characters the reader cares about. I know I want to read the others and I NEVER read vampire / fantasy / paranormal books as a rule!

  2. Thanks a lot, Val - your comments and support are fantastic! One day we will have to meet on Dutch soil to have a proper catch-up! :) xx

  3. Congratulations, Vanessa, how cool!

    Got all my fingers crossed that this will bump your readership up, you certainly deserve it, great series.

    Keep at it and don't fret about the reviews, they will be great.

  4. You never know, Gary...

    I have had a few reviews recently on Amazon & Goodreads that have left me bemused!

    Why would anyone take the trouble to review my book as their first (& only review) to then leave a 1?

    Confusing :-(

    But, as always, I thank you for your encouragement & support. Until I became an author, I have no idea what it meant to write a book of over 100,000 words - its always so easy to say "I could do it better!"

    All the best, Vanessa