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Thursday, 22 May 2014


I am lucky enough to be going away with my husband tomorrow... without the kids! I am really looking forward to it, but have to admit that I get a bit stressed. Mainly due to the fact I rarely ever go anywhere. Having to pack, think of decent stuff to wear, and include things like make-up are alien to me! I also had to ensure everything was ready for my sister when she arrives on Friday - yes, I have to clean the house!

So, yesterday I went shopping, did all the laundry, cleaned up... and today I have to vacuum, etc. But, first I thought it would be therapeutic to spend some time writing (this blog, for starters).

Yesterday night I managed to also upload two new covers for my Evolution trilogy box set & First Date - they are now on this blog...

<=<=<= Do you like?

Anyway, since I never got round to posting pictures when I went away with my husband a year ago... I thought I would do it now.

I give you Stockholm & ABBA! ENJOY :0)

Vasa museum

Can you see me?

I want to wear them...

Time for some singing therapy (I got got an applause!!!)


The vikings are coming... RUN!

A band in the middle of the day... heaven.

Delicious meal... hmmmm

I am loving my new look!
He's a comfy lion...

The day comes to a close.


  1. A great post, Vanessa! I never realised Stokholm was so attractive! It looks lovely. Your photos are great too. It looks as if you were having a lot of fun that day! Lovley photos of you. Love the sunset pic too!

  2. PS. I like your boxed set covers very much. How do you do that? Do they really come in a box??

  3. Thanks for commenting, Val! You are a gem :0) Yes, it was fantastic and we were so lucky with the weather. If I had more time I would have described it all... as for the boxed sets - of course they are in real boxes! Erm... maybe not! The magic of Powerpoint. If you ever need anything done, all you have to do is ask :0)

    Speak soon, Vanessa xx