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Wednesday, 17 April 2013


After months of "harassment" from my girls I finally caved... but instead of getting a dog, I bought 2 new guinea pigs! We have called them fluffy & Guylian (yep, after the chocolate - my daughters favourite!) and they are SO sute... I have had a hamster before but I did not like the feel of the little feet on my hands. But, guinea pigs are so soft and nice to touch.

They do poo everywhere, but my daughter is in charge of cleaning the enclosure! We have made a make shift run in the garage using the cardboard box the enclsoure came in and a spare plank! It works and they seem happy to be moved around now. They even stay waiting for us now (animals, huh! ... humans = FOOD ... Lol)

This is pet training... in a few years time, if the guinea pigs are well looked after we will look into a dog. Since guinea pigs live for 4 to 8 years I have given myself some breathing space! Phew...

Anyway, seeing as they got there pets I decided to indulge and get some more of my favourite ... FISH! I finally own a SHARK... two in fact - silver sharks! They are so graceful... can't afford a tank to house a Great White yet! LOL

They make a great addition... and our male gourami now has two females to keep him company... hmmm!

Do any of you have pets? If so, which ones? Go on then, leave a comment and tell me about the fun you have...

Speak soon,
Vanessa :) xx

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