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Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Shropshire, Stratford, Oxford & more... ENJOY

It’s been a while since I last blogged and there is a reason for this! EASTER…

I spent the first week at my sister’s house in Shropshire. I find it hard to believe there was snow there still! It was cold… but inside my sister had a log fire, which when lit was like being next to an inferno (roasting…).

Whilst there we visited a lovely farm…

And took the kids to Drayton Manor Park (fantastic & OUTSTANDING value for money)… 

My youngest loves Thomas the Tank...
so she was in heaven!

The older two thought the rides were incredible!

My sister then took my older kids to the Harry Potter studio so our family shrunk to three and we spent the day in Stratford upon Avon (where I got the chance to row…

Absoutely beautiful...
and did not loose an oar – unlike my husband (who then had to go retrieve it! HA…)

And then made our way to Oxford, where we spent to night in a very nice B&B.  The following day we visited the Botanical Gardens before we picked up the older two.  We returned to Oxford and did the bus tour (interesting, but probably not worth the £35 we paid…)
After a lunch with a few very tired and “ready to go home” kids we made our way back to the Isle of Wight.
The only downside to the second half was the fact I have been plagued by migraines… worst ever!  It made working on the computer, or doing pretty much anything difficult. I tried to do stuff with the kids, we went for walks, etc… but nothing made it better.  And finally, today (a week later) a friend on Twitter (@strawberriesncr) suggested it might be hay fever related.  So, I found my stash from last year (still in date … phew) and as soon as I had some I felt instant relief! I am such an idiot!
I am definitely allergic to pollen (I am also allergic to cats) so now it all makes sense… I was getting depressed about the fact I felt so lousy! 

My Artists!
So, overall life is good... hope you enjoyed the pictures - the sun was shining!

Vanessa :) xx

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