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Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Cakes and Carol (Hedges that is...)

I love Twitter (love is a strong word, I know) but seriously what a fantastic place! I have made many friends and I do have so many laughs... yes, it is terribly addictive - I could have written 3 novels by now (wishful thinking), but it's all worth it in the end!

Through Twitter I met Carol Hedges... and I was lucky enough to have her interview me on her blog. I snuggled up on her Pink Sofa and made myself comfortable. There were not too many crumbs either, which was impressive since we share an afinity for CAKE...

Anyway, before I share with you my latest invention - BANANA & CARROT MUFFINS - here is the link to the interview... The Pink Sofa Welcomes Vanessa Wester

My highlights:

"I had permission to write - I was not being silly if I wrote."

"The best thing about writing is the complete and utter escapism that comes with it."

"The worst thing about writing (since I am self-published) is the EDITING."

"Thanks Vanessa. And a special thank you for bringing a lovely selection of tempting home made cakes and mince pies with you."

Anyway, the CAKES... My own invention (I love being SCIENTIFIC!)


1. 3 eggs
2. 125g soft margarine or butter
3. 75g muscovado or brown sugar
4. 50g caster sugar
5. 175g Self raising wholemeal flour
6. Teaspoon of vanilla essence
7. 1 teaspoon baking powder
8. 25g mixed dried fruit
9. 1 carrot, grated
10. 2 ripe bananas, mashed


Measure out 1 - 7 in a mixing bowl and whisk together (I could be bothered to do them separately).  Then add 8 -10 and mix well.  Place in 12 muffin cases (deep ones) and bake in a pre-heated oven at 180 degrees for approx 20 minutes (check for a golden colour).

ENJOY! Let me know if any of you make these...

Vanessa :) xx


  1. Oh my!!!! These look good!! Thanks for bringing lovely cake - nobody else so far has bothered! And all I got on Richard Hardie's blog was flat lemonade!And for all the fun and laughter we have on Twitter. Anybody who hasn't joined Twitter yet - JOIN! We have THE BEST time - even tho very little work gets done at times!

  2. I just knew Carol would be here before me. Good job I managed to grab a muffin and the recipe before she made off with both. ;)

  3. Listen, Christina, Carol gets everywhere first! Those cakes look great but I can't believe that you made up the recipe, Vanessa! Do people really make up recipes?! Cake baking is a mystery to me. It's like a magical event.

  4. Thanks guys, you DO make me laugh...

    At the mention of cake they all come running! Do you think if I attach a recipe at the end of every blog it'll make more people view and follow... you never know, right? ha ha

    Anyway, I promise I made up the recipe! I have been making banana muffins for years (using white flour - again my invention), but I love carrot cake (and I am trying to make healthier cakes) which is what gave me the idea to combine the two!

    Another idea is to add finely chopped walnuts... that would also work (I didn't this time since I was already experimenting with the banana). But, also without the nuts they can go in the kids lunchboxes! (School police - no chocolates, nuts, etc...)

    I do hope you guys try this out - it really is mega easy! I expect picture evidence! ha ha ha

    Speak soon, Vanessa :) xx

  5. And I am always last everywhere - typical isn't it? Not a crumb left. Still, at least I have a lovely recipe to take away with me. Amazing that you make them up yourself! I love the added nutty extras and I adore carrot cake too. Yum! I do wish I had more time for Twitter, but sadly weekends are my only real chance. Work is a tough slave driver these days!

  6. Val, thanks for commenting - I hope you get the chance to try this recipe out - it really was amazing...

    To be honest, it could be made as a cake, rather than muffins - then you could make frosting (cream cheese & icing suagr) for the top and use marzipan for filling (would be gorgeous)

    Sorry, work is a slave driver - I hope you enjoy it anyway, better to be busy and all that, right?

    Speak soon,
    Vanessa :) xx

  7. Don't let Carol fool you. EVERYBODY brings cakes, or muffins as we civilized brethren across the pond call them. She inhales them before they hit the table! That's why the crumbs in the pink couch. They trail out the door to the pink car. I wouldn't doubt the house is painted pink. Gotcha amiga! :D