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Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Decorating, Interview, Short Stories Collection, Leibster Award & THAT Movie...

It's been a while since I blogged on here... mainly because I have been busy... very busy!

For starters, I decided it was time to decorate the kids rooms and change things around. It sounds like such a simple thing... that it is NOT.  Everything had to come out of their rooms, especially in one that needed a new carpet, so we moved the kids around (my eldest daughter slept in different beds), until eventually three weeks later they have their own bedrooms - and they look great. The charity shops are thankful - I got rid of a LOT of stuff... phew!

Anyway, whilst I have been living in mayhem (with my bedroom resembling a dump site) I had to finalise the latest collection of short stories, LOVE IS IN THE AIR. Somehow, (best not to ask) I managed to get the formatting done, I also included links for everything this time and included a "Back to Table of Contents" link - it looks rather cool! I fixed a few formatting errors, and another author spotted a few grammatical issues within some stories... and finally, the eBook and the paperback were finalised!

I decided to interview James Smith (first time I interviewed anyone...), who actually published the eBook since he is raising money for Diabetes UK.

Please check out the interview by clicking here - James Smith Interview

Please support our fundraising efforts and read some cracking stories... Click here for the blurb & links to LOVE IS IN THE AIR

The best news is that I have finally got back into my Evolution Trilogy and am about a third of the way into the last book now, I have to say it is taking twists and turns I can not foresee - I LOVE IT! And so, I will try to stay focused and finish it in the next few months... when the real work will begin - EDITING...

I also managed to get nominated for the Leibster Award again (first time in 2013 though...) by Susan Buchanan - read the results here... WORDPRESS BLOG

I did manage to go to see the movie LES MISERABLES - follow the link for my full review and break down... I loved the musical - I have the soundtrack - and I loved the film. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

Anyway, I hope you all enjoy Valentine's Day - whether you think it is commercial or not tell your someone special that you love them... and you know why? Because you can...

Speak soon,
Vanessa :) xx

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