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Wednesday, 27 February 2013

I can SKI... You can learn something new every day!

Since I was raised in Gibraltar my experience of snow and skiing was limited... i.e. non-existent. I remember the first time I saw snow when I moved to England.  It was pretty, and well COLD! And you got all this slush on the ground after the snow fell... Not good! I was not impressed!

Over the years, we have contemplated a skiing family holiday and I have come up with excuses... the kids are too young, its too expensive, etc etc... but I was (if I'm honest) scared...

I did try skiing on a dry ski slope a few years back and enjoyed it but my legs died - agony!

Since then I have improved! :)

By walking a lot over the past year and the fact I have lost a lot of weight (as I have mentioned before) it was great to NOT die for a change when we went skiing in Switzerland. Saying that, the experience was made easy for us. We stayed with my lovely in-laws and had a fantastic time! They picked us up from the airport, made us welcome in their fantastic apartment, booked the skiing lessons, drove us to the slopes... Like WOW!

Anyway, I have some pictures to share... the ski gear is not flattering! How to put back on a stone via clothing! Ha ha

Firstly, my children & me before we ventured out into the world of skiing...

We started badly! None of us could get hold of the pully thing and did spectacular falls! Oh well... but I got the hang of it and progressed to do a great pizza!

I was so confident that I asked to go to the bigger slope... oh YES - bring it ON! 

I did manage it, but did have a massive crash on the second day - but I survived - the white stuff does not hurt (lucky that...) 

Unfortunately, I did manage to fall a few times - watch out for the huge BUTT! Ha ha ha

My daughter also managed to tackle to larger slope (my son got a red card and got sent back (he was not happy...lol) for crashing into his sister.

And my youngest let us steer her along... she prefered my husband to help!  Although she really, really enjoyed pulling the sledge!

So all in all a great experience.

I leave you a picture of the view... breathtaking, isn't it! I know, I know... I am a lucky, lucky thing...

Let me know what you think,
Vanessa :) xx


  1. Whoah! Looks amazing. Impressed you have mastered skiing - sadly, as it contains 2 things I hate: snow and falling over, I shall never join you on the slopes. Kids looked to be having a great time though!

  2. I was just about to write exactly what Carol has written with one addition: I hate the cold as well as snow and falling! So, even though I admire skiiers tremendously, and congratulate you on your mastery, it's not something I have ever wanted to do. I'll bet it was beautiful there, though!

  3. You know until I tried it I felt the same way... But with all the clothing I was roasting! It was not cold at all! Thanks for commenting :) xx

  4. Looking good sis :) It's fun as long as the slopes are wide and there is no fear of falling off the mountain! :) xx