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Saturday, 8 December 2012

My Journey into Self Publishing

I was lucky enough to be featured in Olga’s Blog yesterday http://olganm.wordpress.com/olga-the-author/.  I have done a few interviews already over the months on different author’s pages and enjoy doing them.  In Olga’s case she gave me free reign.  No questions, just talk… well, talk I did.

I decided to explain how I came to become a writer and to give a bit of insight into my love of books.  My Dad has to be the reason for the fascination.  His nose is permanently in a book, although, my sister, Catherine, always had her nose in a book too.  In fact, she used to be great fun to play tricks on.  Sorry, Catherine.  And it was like talking to a wall 9 out of 10 times, since she would nod and grunt when I talked to her and then lift her head and ask, “whhhhaaaat?” in a sleepy voice.  Yeah, you guessed it – she hadn’t heard a word I said.  Please bear in mind that I am 5 years younger than her so I can blame my “youngest child” issues on the fact that (if I’m honest) I was a bit of a pest!  

Oh well…I have grown up now (I think).

Anyway, I digress (again) I hope you enjoy my latest “feature.”  I would like to thank Olga for being so nice to me.  I think she has done a great job, and I love the fact it is also in Spanish.  I did translate most of it, but luckily Olga fixed my grammar and corrected some of my failings! Lol…it’s been a while since I wrote Spanish (don’t speak enough of it either!).



Have a great weekend everyone and enjoy
Vanessa J xx

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