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Saturday, 29 December 2012


HAPPY NEW YEAR... I hope 2013 proves to be an amazing and inspirational year!

Personally,. I find it hard to imagine it could in any way compete with 2012... Let's face the facts...

2012 Olympics - AWESOME

I published 2 books, a short story & two short story collections under a newly formed collective group.

I have had fantastic support from many friends & family, who I have mentioned in my books and online already... Kay, Kathyrn, Katie, Adam, Lynn, Sarah, my in-laws (all of them), my sisters & parents, children & husband.  They have all helped in their own way...

I also joined Twitter, created blogs, and made lots of online friends... some of which I must mention now! 

@James_Sm1th James Smith: What a great person to meet!  A like minded teacher, father of 3, avid reader, and health conscience guy! Thank you for inspiring me take the plunge and investigate the world of "short stories" ... it has made me enjoy writing in a totally different way.

This friendship led to the creation of the Short Stories Group

@Gelakel Angela Kelman: A lovely lady that is down to earth and a fab editor!

 @neckache Sonia Wright: A great down to earth person that I will someday meet up with for a natter seeing as we only like a few miles aways from each other,...

@Ir0bark Steve Venables: You make me laugh a LOT

@GaryAlanHenson Gary Henson: An American with a sense of humour... great guy!

@MackBrownBooks Mackenzie Brown: A fantastic guy, who loves to RT and support fellow authors

@sammylou37 Sam Bachus: Sam is great to talk to online... really nice, friendly person

@samcroftauthor Sam Croft, @MJHolleywriter Michael Holley, @K_Einsel Karen Einsel, @DonaWatson Dona Watson, @JoanneGPhillips Joanne Phillips - All fantastic authors you should check out...

Other Twitter friends I must mention:

@strawberriesncr & @great_one04 Two fantastic ladies to chat to - I consider you my friends!

@Gallecian Another American with a great sense of humour and clever and quirky insights into life!

@CarolJHedges Carol is a funny, friendly and lovely person to chat to... we talk about cake a lot! And she featured me on her blog Carol Hedges: The Pink Sofa today!

@shellmeister84 Fantastic health & life blog posts! And a lovely person to boot...

@Strangewolf64 Recently got chatting to Joe... great person!

@KingTaffWrites Another fellow author, great guy to talk to and friend on The Word Cloud as is @Flickimp (the best of luck to him when he publishes his book in February this year) & @LeannexBray Another great person to talk to!

@RayChatie Thanks for the encouragement and kind words... it is nice chatting to you!

@LiteraryGary Gary is extremely supportive towards Indie Authors... thank you

@Susan_Buchanan A great friend, with a great year ahead of her - 2013 will be interesting... keep us posted!

@TerryTyler4 Terry is an active Tweeter and has a lot of interesting and and insightful comments into the world of self publishing

@OlgaNM & @MikeLamson Both featured me on their sites but also happen to be fantastic people to talk to... it is great knowing you. Mucho gusto de concerte, Olga...

@davepperlmutter We have a running joke - I describe beakfast for him! ha ha... Great guy to talk to!

@BalletMuzik Fantastic piano music... and I love his Tweets - they are pretty!

@MasqCrew @Kindle_Promo @Booksforpromoted @TweetTheBooks Fantastic support for Indie Authors

Now, I know there are many, many more of you out there to mention but then I do follow 2560 of you... so it is impossible to mention you all!

I hope you all have an amazing 2013... personally, if it is anything like 2012 I will be a happy lady.

Best wishes & huge gigantic hugs,
Vanessa :) xx


  1. Yaay, it's like my Party, but slightly less riotous!!! Thanks for the namecheck; I always feel people who diss Twitter don't understand how NICE people are on it! Here's to an even better 2013!

  2. Thanks a lot, Carol!

    Twitter is my friend... a friend I can always talk to about just about anything! ha ha ha (between you and me - CAKE)

    I hope loads of people check out your blog!

    Vanessa :) xx

  3. Hi Vanessa, I read Carol's blog and really wanted to know more about you! I'm the worst tweeter ever, shame on me, but I love blogging! I'll definitely be back here. I'm not the best at keeping it short and sweet, so Twitter is hard for a rambler like me! By the way, Carol has been visiting me on my blog in case you're interested. No worries if not, but she's been great and I did a weberview with her too. I'll absolutely be back here, though! Happy new year!

  4. I used to live in Rotterdam... It's a small world! I will definitely try to keep in touch! You have to join us on Twitter!

  5. Well I literally just met you and I'm already feeling your warmth through a couple of tweets!
    I started my own twitter and fb account as a bit of a laugh at first then it became seriously handy for my beauty and photography biz then onto the social media thing, its rare I meet someone I dislike especially on twitter where the vast majority are very likable with yourself a fine example.
    Wishing you a very Happy 2013 and looking forward to more Vanessa tweets very soon :)

    1. Thanks a lot for leaving a comment! I have been away for a few days... But the tweets will shortly resume! Ha ha

      Great you dropped by :) xx

  6. Thanks honey for the mention. Just keep doing one thing for me, no two, the breakast and keep dancing to 80s music! x

  7. I will certainly keep dancing to 80's music - that is EASY! As for the breakfast... I need to think of something really good! thanks for posting...

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