Sunday, 16 December 2012

Gurnard Pre-School Christmas Market

Last week Gurnard Pre-school held its second Christmas Market.  I organised it, with some amazing help... What an incredible team!

From the parents - Nicki, Jenny, Claire, Kirsty, Suzanne, Jane. From Cowes Baptist Church - a particualr mention to John , Graham & Sarah. From the Gurnard Pre-School Staff - Val, Christy, Bev, Jane, Clare, Pat, Kelly.  And to anyone else who helped - THANK YOU...

We raised just over £800 on the day, and then we managed to flog (thanks Clare & Pat) the rest at the main school Fair... so raised over £850! RESULT!

Anyway, all money raised will help the Pre-school complete the building program imposed by the change of location. It's all coming together...

Enjoy the photos of the event
Vanessa :) xx


  1. Hi Vanessa:
    Just let you know I've nominated your blog for 'The Most Inspiring Blog Award'. Check the details in my post:

  2. Looks like a very successful event, Vanessa!