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Tuesday, 4 December 2012


I have been so incredibly busy this past week. On Saturday, I performed in a Panto with my gorgeous and lovely daughter... amazingly it went very well and we had lots of fun.  We even treated ourselves to a takeaway on the way home...rarely ever do that these days! Lol 

Then I attended a Swimming Teachers Meeting (which I organised & run) and agin it was excellent.  I found out things about the other teachers I did not know and I believe it was a very helpfull, informative and well run evening - it was also held at the back room of a pub! It helps...

We had another panto show on Sunday... attended by a room full of Beaver Scouts! Cracking audience! They laughed at every joke and joined in for everything, we even threw in an extra Mexican wave.  It was brilliant.

Today I have spent the day organising a Christmas Market in aid of Gurnard Pre-School, which my 3 year old attends.  I have been preparing for this for a while (since I am the organiser), although I have an amazing team of helpers. It has been great fun and the event was fantastic (pictures to come soon...).  All of my meatballs were devoured - they SOLD OUT! Result :) - cheesy grin alert!  I am in the process of counting up the money, it's looking good!

AND tomorrow - WEDNESDAY 5TH DECEMBER - we are running ONE FREE DAY ONLY to promote A FESTIVE FEAST, and I am also promoting FIRST DATE (based on my true story). 

So, please...spread the word and download both... THANK YOU



From Thurs - Sun I have 4 more panto shows! No rest for me...lol

Thanks for reading, let me know what you are all up to in the run up to the Festive Season...

All the best
Vanessa :) xx

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  1. thats nice

    seems like a fun beginning for the month of Dec