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Friday, 16 October 2015

SJ Watson, @IOWLF 2015

After mulling over whether to do some work (i.e writing - I am on a roll at the moment) or go and be inspired by listening to a bestselling author, I chose the latter.

SJ Watson is the best-selling author of "Before I go to Sleep" - a book I really enjoyed back in 2012!

The same year I published my first novel coincidentally. Unfortunately, I have not had the same level of success...

I had no idea about his past and was intrigued to find out that he worked in the NHS, having an aptitude for Science (Physics), before realising he really wanted to be a writer. Having said this he always loved writing, but was put off it as it was not seen to be a viable career (boy, do I relate to this!)

He was approaching 40 and decided to go for it... (hmmmm, sounds like a lot of us writers think alike!)

Anyway, he worked part-time, enrolled on a creative writing course (that cost thousands) and worked on his debut novel for 6 months, before he fortunately met his agent (over a few drinks) who showed an interest in his novel.


Lucky guy, he got the illusive book deal, not to forget the film, etc... I mean, come on COLIN FIRTH as a bad guy! (sighs!)

BUT, let's face it, if the novel had not been any good she would have sent him packing! So, it's a case of being at the right place at the right time, and having a fantastic idea!

His new novel, SECOND LIFE  sounds interesting, but I have to admit that he did not sell it to me enough to buy the £14 hardback - I'll just wait for the price to drop on kindle (sorry)

There have been a lot of thrillers on the book market recently and I have to admit that as much as I like to be shocked, I like romance too much to stray away for too long.

However, for SJ Watson, once you've got a taste of success, if you keep your readers happy you should be in the game for a long time.

What I found most interesting was the fact that he is an avid reader. I always struggle to understand how anyone can call themselves a writer and not be...

Anyway, I'll be heading off to listen to Victoria Hislop tonight! Can't wait.

All the best,
Vanessa :)

P.s. I did see Mary Berry today before her talk with Alan Titchmarsh (does a happy dance)

I took a photo for my daughter and even though I wished I could have stayed to listen to it, I knew I'd have to rush out to do the school run so did not think it was worth my getting a ticket and hovering in the background!

Besides, the room was PACKED!

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