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Saturday, 17 October 2015

Meet the Authors, @IOWLF 2015

Andrew Weale & "Spooky, Spooky House"
What a fantastic day! 

All of the authors I met today where brilliant and I thoroughly enjoyed watching their talks/ workshops!

First up, I watched Andrew Weale who read from two stories, including Spooky, Spooky House, which was so much fun with it's huge array of hidden surprises under a multitude of flaps!
Kev Sutherland

Next, was the "Cartoon Workshop" - more Comic workshop to be honest. Kev was incredibly funny, talented and entertaining!

I have to admit the fact he worked for The Beano made me in awe of him!

As a child, I wanted that job!

The amazingly talented, Diana Kimpton, was next...

She was excellent with the children.

They thoroughly enjoyed her various acts and role-plays (she chased children around), funny voices, and excerpts from her stories.

The children (& adults) asked a lot of questions at the end.

Very interesting overall.

The Big Draw with "Bridget Marzo"

Next up, was Bridget Marzo with her Tiz & Ott's Big Draw.

She had all the children and adults (myself included) on the floor drawing!

My youngest (aged 6) managed to see her at school and I managed to get her a signed copy of the book which she read to me tonight.

It truly is a brilliant book for children. Especially to encourage creativity with art.

Nicholas Allan

Lastly, I watched Nicholas Allan who entertained us not only with his books, but with magic tricks galore & an assortment of chocolate prizes!

What a brilliant way to end the day...

Tomorrow, you get the chance to see Andrew Weale, Diana Kimpton, and Nicholas Allan again... so come along and join the fun!

Ghost Walks to the Cellars!

You can even visit the ghostly cellars!

I highly recommend you come along to the IOWLF

Vanessa :)

For more information on the authors read my first blog! HERE


  1. It sounds as if it was all great, Vanessa! I would love to be at such a festival!

  2. It was a brilliant weekend... best ones I saw was Nicholas Allan & Victoria Hislop :)