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Saturday, 3 October 2015

Isle of Wight Literary Festival 2015, @IOWLF

Well, October is here and it's that time again in Cowes!


Last year I was fortunate enough to both volunteer and act as a speaker. To find out about my experience as a speaker click HERE, or to read about my thoughts as a reader click HERE.

It was fun, but I'm glad that this year I am only volunteering! (My nerves were in bits last year)

I am lucky enough to be responsible for authors in the Youth Program - which is amazing this year! The enthusiasm and drive of the volunteers organising this event never ceases to amaze me.

In a bid to get acquainted with their work prior to the event, I thought I would post a bit about them on A Reader's Perspective. I hope some of you will be tempted to bring your children along or look them up online. Find links to my post below by clicking on the authors. Read all about it...

If you are planning to visit, get your tickets now at the IOWL Festival Official Site - I know some events are already sold out!

Hope you enjoy finding out a bit about the Festival and look me up if you visit! I am always happy to day HELLO.

Vanessa :)

See you at the IWLF - get your YOUTH PROGRAM tickets HERE

On Saturday 17th October I will be introducing...


11:00 Cartoon Workshop

14:00 Diana Kimpton GREEN SHEEP What Animals Might Say

15:00 Bridget Marzo TIZ & OTT’S BIG DRAW

16:00 Nicholas Allan A LITTLE BIT OF MAGIC

On Sunday 18th October I will be introducing...

09:00 Story-Telling & Fancy Dress


12:00 Diana Kimpton THERE MUST BE HORSES

14:00 Sara Grant MAGIC TRIX

15:00 Nicholas Allan THE QUEEN’S KNICKERS


  1. Ah Vanessa, I remember how involved you were last year! This sounds like a fabulous event. I wish I could be there!

  2. Sounds great! I hope it all goes well. Visited the Isle of Wight for the first time in May this year. Weather was dodgy but we did a lot of walking and loved it. You have a great bus service!