Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Another year bites the dust... Goodbye 2013

And now, the end is near...

I find it hard to believe that this is the last day of 2013 - where did that year go? UNBELIEVABLE!

Anyway, to top up the year, my blog has been featured by Jill Edmondson, I have been interviewed online, and I was nominated for an award... pop goes the weasel! HA!

When it rains it falls... but as I have said in my blog post, ON GIBRALTAR BOOKSHELVES, nothing can compare to seeing your book for sale on a real bookstore!

The reviews from readers have also made me smile, and made me think that perhaps I am a reasonable writer after all - thank you...

So, here goes - ENJOY

HAPPY NEW YEAR - I hope 2014 does not whizz by as fast as 2013 did!

Vanessa Wester :) xx

Reflecting on the last year, my thoughts at the end of 2013, is live on THE EVOLUTION TRILOGY blog, and has been featured by Jill Edmondson - LINK HERE

Interviewed by Tony Gilbert, thank you - LINK HERE

Nominated for...
Blog of The Year 2013 Award

This nomination came from Scarlett Flame - a very feisty red-head who is all heart! Thank you

All details on this award can be found HERE

I have received these "awards" over the last year and have to admit that I find them to be a bit like chain letters... you either are into them or you are not. Either way, I am glad someone thought of me and so I will recommend some bloggers who I wish to "award" now. By the way, you can collect up to six stars... ooooooo

So, a very Happy New Year to the following bloggers - please attach this badge of honour to your site if you wish...

Terry Tyler   Susan Buchanan   Val Poore   Carol Hedges   James Smith   Francis Potts

Can I also remind you that HYBRID is now FREE, please tell your friends and download. Thank you :)



  1. Thanks for mentioning me, though I am not quite sure what I am supposed to do with it!!

  2. Terry,

    Should you want to accept the award you can copy and paste the "award" - then you can follow the rules (click on the details of the award) and pass it on to other bloggers... The idea is to get nominated up to six times...

    I think you are an amazing blogger, but I doubt you need a badge to know that, right? :)

    Happy New Year

  3. I am so pleased!!! Thank you so much!! It is sometimes a discipline to write a post every week ..recently I wrote one just pre-op for cancer...but it has been such fun. And sharing them with others! Good luck for your writing in 2014

  4. Carol,

    You definitely deserve it... I could only wish to be as amazing a blogger as you :)

    All the best for 2014

    Vanessa xx

  5. Just got a chance to read this - Happy New Year and thanks for nominating me. All the best for 2014!