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Saturday, 28 December 2013

20,000 views... WOW

I just realised whilst updating my blogs that I have had over 20,000 views on this blog!

Awesome... Thank you to anyone who has come and had a look at my rambles!

Anyway, I had a fantastic Christmas with my sisters in Tewkesbury... we stayed in a massive converted barn (I did however look forward to my shower when I got home since the shower head was so big it flooded you, so I bathed instead... it was quite nice actually). I hope you all had a great Christmas too...

I am going to try and keep this blog updated with extras (like recipes, etc) in the new year... I know there are a lot of cake fans out there!

Saying this, I ate a lot of food (still am - but I made a soup today... phew) so I am going on a "diet" in January - when the clothes start to get tight, it's time to do something. My diet will mainly consist of exercise, more fruit & veg (tuna salads!) and less chocolate :(

It has to be done... So, here are my New Year resolutions

1) More exercise
2) Less processed food
3) Write again...
4) Major clear up - yes, some books HAVE to go to the charity shop!
5) Read... (this is easy!

What are your top ideas?

Happy New Year to you all
All the best,
Vanessa :) xx

P.s. if you want to read my debut novel, HYBRID, as an eBook for free, then head on over to The Evolution Trilogy for all the links to Amazon, Kobo, Nook, etc - I have had over 1000 downloads in the US already! :)


  1. Hmm Vanessa, what are mine? Well let's see. My NY resolutions are:
    1. Not to be a wimp and keep up with my jogging through the cold months.
    2. Finish my studies and get that d**n Masters I've been working on for two years now.
    3. Start writing my next memoir and plan my next novel
    4. Go cruising more this year than last year on my boat
    5. Not to be diverted from all of the above
    Actually, this is more of a wish list than a resolutions list, but I'll do my best :-))) Happy new year to you dear Vanessa!!

  2. Thanks for commenting, Val!

    Just added a few new pictures for you to enjoy :)

    I'm not going to start jogging, power walking for me... Good for you for doing a Masters - respect! And hey, a wish list is a great idea!

    Speak soon,

  3. Get jogging Vanessa! My resolutions will involve the repeating the resolutions I broke last year. James

  4. Brilliant pageviews Vanessa. As a rank beginner with only a tenth of your views to our credit, can you say what you think has made that happen? Is it simply longevity or the people you blog with?
    Is Wordpress the secret, or is Blogger just as good? Love the way you have constructed yours, by the way.

  5. James, I will get some new trainers... maybe?

    Anita, I have not got on well with Wordpress at all... I find blogger easier to use (so long as you keep the ads out). My blogs have evolved since I stared this one last year. What can I say, I like to change things a lot! I don't think I am as active a blogger as others, but I tend to blog about everything on this one - personal stuff, cake recipes, and of course, my books! The key is to let people know you write them either via Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, etc... if no-one know it exists, they can't read it! It all takes up time, which is why I struggle to keep up, but if you want to get "views" that's what you have to do.

    Alternatively, people might actually like reading my rambles (it's a thought! HA)

    I hope this helps