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Thursday, 30 May 2013

I have too much to say...not enough time

Okay, so my blogging has seriously been lagging behind recently, mainly because on a toss up with writing my novel and blogging writing wins!

So, a quick update before I have to go be mum again (half term week)

My daughter, Elsa won an award for swimming and I was very proud of her... she was even interviewed and was featured in the local IOW radio station! Woo hoo

My son completed his SATs, then went to Kent for a week, and then had Scout Camp for the weekend.  Exhausting, but he had a fab time...

I have been extremely busy finishing the finale of the Trilogy (it's getting there) as well as putting together two short story compilations to be published this summer! Phew!

I have also been working with a group of authors via Facebook to help with promotion and the amazing Gordon has put together a website...


There are currently many titles on there for only $0.99 or £0.77 so please go and take a look!

I also ran a free promo for HYBRID and FIRST DATE yesterday and it went really well.  They are both only 77p now anyway... Thank you to anyone who downloaded!

Enjoy the rest of your half term week... may the sun shine some more!

Speak soon,


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  1. You are one busy mum/writer/marketing expert! Well done to kids and you too. I shall go look at your website. The name is intriguing. It sounds like a site for cookery authors!