Monday, 1 October 2012

Reviews...positive :) & negative :(

Yesterday, I got my first negative review on the site - I know, I did keep saying I hadn't got one and the day finally!  I have to admit that it made me smile.  I took some of the comments on board but basically the person was obviously not the ideal reader for my book. 

I did know there was a chance of this happening since it was under Science Fiction/ Adventure (which I have now changed)... the thing is the adventure truly starts in the second half of the book, which the reviewer did not read.

Oh well...

See what you make of it and please comment and tell me what you think.  I am new to the whole review thing so I don't want to read more into it than I should...

Anyway, after writing this post I happened to see that I had also got another 5 star review on the Amazon UK site... well, I would rather dwell on the positive one first :)  So, here it is... I am chuffed to bits!

5.0 out of 5 stars Didn't think I would enjoy, 1 Oct 2012
Amazon Verified Purchase(What is this?)
This review is from: Hybrid (The Evolution Trilogy) (Kindle Edition)
First let me make it clear. I am a 34 year old man who has a tendancy to shout a lot if someone mentions the words Twilight. Vampires are meant to rip the throats out of young girls not ....

Sorry - distracted.

Seriously - I did not think I would enjoy this story, but even after the first few pages I was hooked. Without including spoilers, the story is a twist on the now familiar girl meets vampire premise. The characters are engaging enough, but what really sets this book apart is Westers talent as a writer. She raises questions throughout the story - making you read - before revealing the answers in a satisfying way - but not without raising a few more questions to make you read on.

The plot has plenty of originality and does not feel forced at any point. The pace changes at appropriate points and ensures the story flows along without getting bogged down. There is also plenty of humour to lighten the sometimes dark world we are exploring.

Overall I have been thorougly satisfied by Vanessa Westers writing. I hope the trilogy is completed soon

Anyway, here is the negative review...I'll go hide now... :)

2.0 out of 5 stars A warning to all. September 30, 2012
Format:Kindle Edition|Amazon Verified Purchase
I hate to write a bad review. It is hard to write a book. I could not do it, even though I might have some good ideas about what makes a good story. As they said in a cartoon it is way easier to judge than to create. With that said, this book was bad. It was not horrible but it was just not good. First, it was way too long and it introduced way to many characters in the beginning. I mean you can introduce new characters well into the story but not at the expense to the pace to the story. This leads me to talk about the pace of the story. I have never read a story that was so slow. SPOILER ALERT I almost cheered when a likeable character met an unfortunate end because at least something was starting to happen. However, I kept reading because I thought that something was going to happen. Also, to be truly transparent I thought was reading another book. I got it mixed up with another book with hybrid in its title. Also I did not read to whole book. I read 50% of the book until I decided that I didn't care about what happened to any of the characters.

All in all, the book was not all bad. The writing is self was okay. The characters were believable and dialogue was okay as well. Also, the author has some original ideas that were okay. It was just that the pace of the book really killed it. Also, if going to have sex in the book go for the gold don't gloss over it like its not important. You can tone it down for a younger audience without striping the scene of all it passion. I am not saying that it is easy but, it can be done. Just look at the Dark God Bride Series, Wake Me When the Sun Goes Down, and the Blade and the Chalice series, they did it. The blade and the chalice I read in the school's library when I was in middle school. The other two I read as an adult and did not care. I am still awaiting the sequels, which the authors are not writing fast enough. Lol.

Like I said it breaks my heart to write this review but it had to be done.
Here is my Neotrance

Thank you so much for your review... At last a negative review! You may think I would be upset, but honest I'm not... I could not believe that everyone would like my story. You have restored my faith in readers...

I take on board all of your points, I am definitely working on focusing characters more and should really condense a lot of the initial scenes. The thing is it does work as a whole, and without it you don't really appreciate the point of the Trilogy (that's my excuse anyway - of course you can

It is a shame you did not read to the end because it definitely does pick up - maybe one day when you have nothing better to do...

I am impressed that you thought the writing was sound, I have worked very hard to make it as polished as possible. For a debut novel, I am happy with what I have achieved.

Anyway, I really appreciate you taking the time to review and I thank you for your honesty. It's just a book in the end, there are plenty out there... I hope you find one that you enjoy in the future.

So what do you all think?  Should I go and hide now, or act tough? :)

Thanks for reading,
Vanessa :) xx

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