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Friday, 28 September 2012

Let's talk about FOOD

Today I am blogging about food!

The other day I decided to let my kids cook (aged 8 & 10) since I was tired of always making their food and then having to listen to the "issues" - mainly from my 10 year old son!

So, I asked them what they would like to make...

My son (he is soooo healthy) opted for homemade burgers.  My daughter cottage pie.  Little one helped  - she cracked the egg & mixed...she is only 3)

I helped by cutting the onion, carrots and potatoes for my daughter (she is only 8...)

And here are the results...



I had mine with a salad...yum yum (lotsa mayonnaise)

I also cooked myself a treat yesterday... set your eyes on this! again, yum yum... :)

Have fun and let me know if you try these out...

Vanessa :) xx


Homemade Burgers

250g of mince (any you like - we used beef)
Splash of ketchup
About 30g breadcrumbs & 30g of cheese
1 egg

Mix together, then mold into 4 separate burgers.  Cook in oven (180 degrees) for approx. 25 min.'s - EASY!

Cottage Pie

1 onion
1 carrot
250g mince
1 beef stock cube (use a different for the type of mince)
4/5 medium sized potatoes
Splash of milk (depends how you like your mash)
Large spoonful of butter or soft spread
1 egg
Grated cheese for topping - your choice on amount

Fry the onion & carrot for about 5 min.'s, add mince.  Make sure it is all cooked.  Add some water to cover and crumble in the stock cube.  Leave to simmer on low heat (you don't want a lot of liquid)
Meanwhile, remove skin and cube the potatoes. Boil until soft. Remove and strain.  Mash and add the butter and milk (you want a smooth mash NOT runny)

Place the mince in a dish.  Layer with the potato (tip - put dollops of mash in the corners, then spread). Cover with the beaten egg and grated cheese.

Bake in oven until topping is golden. Approx 180 degrees.

Seafood Surprise

Place raw crevettes in a pan with some olive oil.  Sprinkle parsley and mild chilli to taste.  Add a red onion, green peppers and some chopped chorizo sausage.
Eat when cooked.  You can serve with a salad! EASY!

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