Tuesday, 25 September 2012


Does every writer find editing hard?  Or is it just me?

I am slowly working my way through my second book and it seems to take ages... I like to see it now as fleshing out the bones of the story! My very wise sister pointed out recently that some of my writing reads like a script - its all dialogue!  Well, I think I see where she is coming from now... I have been focusing on fleshing these areas out.  The thing is too much description and it breaks the flow, too little and you can't visualise what they are doing whilst they are having this in depth discussion...lol!

Its all about balance...

Anyway, it has been a very interesting week.  Hybrid seems to be selling and a few times it got into the charts...teasing me! I have not had many reviews, but I guess no news is good news sometimes.  Better people sit on the fence than to throw stones :)

My children are now back at school so I have gained some extra time which is why I am blogging at this time of the day.  I know lucky me, some of you will say.  Just remember that I have been at home looking after my children for 10 years...this is the perk!  I also tutor in the evenings so when you all sit down to write/ relax I work... do I sound defensive?  Maybe a little... hee hee

I have not had much time to read recently, but I will get through my catalogue of stories some day - maybe in twenty years!  I mean seriously, are you all as inundated as I am by all these FREE books.  I am amazed anyone actually buys books anymore!  But, I do have my favourite authors and I don't see their books for free... boo hoo!  They already have the marketing machine to help them.

I am off the KDP scheme now so no more free promo - sorry...but hey, it is only £2/ $3 so still a bargain! At least I think so anyway.

Right, well, I have another blog to update so I'll be off for now.  Please feel free to blog or comment or ask me for RT's - I believe in helping other authors... even the ones with the marketing machine behind them :)

Vanessa :) xx

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