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Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Stefan Armitage: MA Script-Writing Research...

Today, I would like to introduce you to Stefan Armitage & hopefully some of you might be able to give him a hand for some research he is doing...

Please read & share :)
Thanks for your help

Stefan Armitage is currently undergoing an MA in Script-writing at Bath Spa University. 

"I am currently in the process of writing a paper about how new writers break into the television industry, with the primary focus being on Sitcom and Comedy-Drama.

Would you be able to answer a few questions regarding situation-comedy writing and the process of the industry?

Your answers can be as long or as short as you wish, and you can answer as many questions as you like...

Thank you for taking the time – I can’t describe how helpful all of your answers will be for my work.

Kind regards,
Stefan Armitage"

Email: stefan@musicallyfresh.com 

Firstly, could you give me a brief bio of your experience as a scriptwriter/editor – maybe an outline of your aspirations?

In terms of getting yourself noticed in the industry:

What steps or processes have you taken to get yourself noticed? (Do you use an agent? Calling-card scripts? Was good networking and associates crucial to getting your foot in the door?)

What are your feelings on using radio as a “stepping-stone” into television?

How much input did you have on the first draft of your pilot script? (Were there a lot of rewrites? Did you have to allow for edits to be made that you weren’t happy with?)

How much do you believe a writer should ‘hone his craft’, and study sitcoms from the past and present? (This includes watching/reading)

What overall advice can you give somebody who wants to be commissioned for the first time?

What advice can you give somebody to become re-commissioned?

In terms of writing sitcoms:

How crucial do you think an element of ‘Drama’ is in creating a successful comedy show? Or do you believe it’s a question of your target audience?

Should you only write about “what you know”?

Do you believe the “jokes” featured in a sitcom must be relatable to the majority of the audience in order for the show/series to be deemed successful?

Do you believe the “family sitcom” is becoming a thing of the past now? And soon, only niche sitcoms with niche audiences will remain?

In terms of taboo and dark comedy – are there topics that simply cannot be touched on? Or, do you believe comedy can be found in any subject as long as it’s handled correctly?

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