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Wednesday, 5 March 2014

A Game of TAG... Writing Process - what is yours?

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I am thrilled to be tagged by Shelley Wilson - read her post HERE!

I just met Shelley via Twitter (@ShelleyWilson72) and she sounds like a lot of fun.

It's been a long time since I got tagged for anything and this is the kind of challenge I enjoy. Recently, I have seen a range of "awards" been handed out like sweets, which has made me doubt their authenticity.

This, however, is a simple game of TAG... I read her blog, which was really enjoyable, then answer the same questions and pass it along to other authors. Sounds good to me! So, here goes.

Firstly, can I say that I LOVE Shelley's resolutions - I relate to them completely... let's hope I do her post justice!


At the moment (and might I add this is the first time I have written this for all to see) I am researching the life of my great, great grandfather and grandmother. 

The story will be historical fiction, and is based on the information I have managed to get via letters found by my father. It should be fascinating... when I finish it! Someday...


The story of a Lancashire man who sails the world and ends up in a place like Gibraltar had never been written before - you can't get more unique than that!


I write to escape from everyday life. I also like to explore themes, ideas and human nature. I have always been interested in maths and science and so enjoy investigating the possibilities. I did this with my TRILOGY, and will do it again for my historical fiction novel.

Recently, my life has taken priority and promoting my trilogy has taken over. I am planning to focus more once things settle and I have most of the research done. 

I have started writing the new book, but it is a daunting task. I want to make sure that I do the characters justice, and the more I dig the more I want to dig... the past is intriguing.


Once I start writing, I just let it flow. 

With HYBRID, I just wrote and let the characters dictate what happened. This is probably why there are so many characters - I never consciously stopped characters popping in the pages, and just wrote as if it was real life. I mean, in real life, especially at university, you meet hundreds of people. So, to restrict a book to ten characters in that setting would have been wrong. 

But, as I learnt the 'trade', I realised I had to curb my use of characters so as not to confuse the reader.

COMPLICATIONS continued on from Hybrid and I did have to go back and check details, but overall it is a different scenario and I could still play around with the situation.

RETURN, was the hardest because I had to tie up all the loose ends, make sure I was consistent, and ensure I got a different type of ending - which I got! Yay! In theory, it is an ending that leaves you thinking...

I think it is important to write something slightly different form the norm, even if you are inspired by mainstream ideas. Make it your own.

I have to add that I started writing ideas down on a notepad, then transferred it on to an old laptop, then wrote straight to the computer, and now have started writing notes on good old fashioned paper again. Whatever works for you! But, I have been plagued with migraines too so my writing has had to take a back seat until I get better.

Anyway, that's it - four short questions answered.

I recently blogged about Gary Alan Henson (@garyalanhenson) and would like to tag him to answer these questions . I would also like to tag Jerrie Alexander () who I recently meant via the ASMSG group.

Thanks for reading,

p.s. Tomorrow I am bravely going to go for eye surgery to hopefully give me 20-20 vision (I might even become bionic... maybe not!) so I might be offline for a week or so... wish me luck! :0)

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  1. Lovely, Vanessa! I am doing this on Monday too!