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Tuesday, 4 March 2014

A fantastic FREE eBook for children

Last year I decided to compile ***GURNARD’S BOOK OF DELIGHTS*** after I launched a literary competition to celebrate World Book Day 2013 at Gurnard PrimarySchool

On World Book Day, I presented the school with two signed copies of The Bother in Burmeon by S.P. Moss, and challenged the school children to write a story involving time travel.

Luckily, some did.

The imagination these children showed was fantastic, and the effort taken by the younger ones to illustrate their stories impressive. All children received a certificate, and some The Bother in Burmeon goodies kindly donated by S.P. Moss, who subsequently agreed to judge the Years 4 and 5 entries for an overall winner. I judged the Reception to Year 3 entries. These overall winners in each year group received a £5 Amazon Voucher I donated.

I wrote my first children's story, DETECTIVE GLEN, specifically for this collection and had a lot of fun with it.

Anyway, it's "Read an eBook week" and we are also celebrating World Book Day this week - so it seemed like a great time to run a FREE promotion. So, for the next five days you can get this wonderful collection for nothing! 

Please download it now via amazon to your kindle or kindle device, and if you would be so kind as to leave a review once you are finished I would be really grateful.

=>=>=> Amazon LINK Worldwide

Have a fantastic day.
All the best,

Gurnard's Book of Delights is a collection of stories written by children aged between four and ten years of age for a Primary School literary competition. They had to write a story involving an element of time travel... and they certainly did that.

It features three bonus stories by authors, Vanessa Wester and S.P. Moss, who judged the entries.

"I've had so much fun reading your wild and wonderful stories. There were stories that made me giggle, stories that made me gasp and stories that amazed me with the places they took me to. I travelled in time back to the war, the Victorian times and even further - to the Aztecs, the ancient Greeks and ancient Egyptians with your stories. The time travel mechanisms were most ingenious - from boffin-like time-travel machines to everyday objects like a TV and a toy train. Not to mention a hat and some rather fabby pink boots - and even magic guinea pigs! Thanks to all of you who took part and keep on writing..." 

S. P. Moss

"At Gurnard Primary School we have always been proud of the children's Literacy achievements, which we believe to be strength of the school, so I was delighted when Vanessa Wester approached me to discuss running a story writing competition, as this would be a way to celebrate the children's work and share their skills with others. The result is "GURNARD'S BOOK OF DELIGHTS" which includes stories written by some of the children in an anthology, published alongside excerpts and short stories by professional authors.

Having now read the children's stories and witnessed their creative talents, I know my confidence in their abilities has been justified. There is such a wide variety of themes here, with the winners in each year group producing some fantastic storylines. I hope, as you read through this anthology, you will agree we have some very talented children, who may well grow up to become authors in the future.

Reading and writing are such important skills for life, by encouraging and motivating children to take an interest in these areas; we are providing them with the tools for the future. In turn this will enable them, as they grow to adulthood, to access and maximise the exciting opportunities in the work place and indeed in the world that will be available to them, many of which do not even exist at this moment in time. 

Many thanks to Vanessa Wester and S.P. Moss for the time they have given to judging the entries and also to Vanessa who has given so generously of her time in compiling this - our first book of stories. I do hope you will enjoy reading the children's stories and who knows; if this book is successful we could look forward to several more editions being published in the future!

Congratulations to all of the children who have had their work published - I am very proud of you all."

Liz Jackson
Head teacher - Gurnard Primary School 2013

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