Saturday, 30 April 2016

My Guest Column via @LJ_Frank

At the Eden Project, Cornwall
Over the years, I have been able to express myself via an Author Interview. This week I have posted two after not being asked for a year! I have also had another request this week. I do enjoy doing them since it gets me thinking about why I write, what I get from the process, and what I have learned.

If you want to read any of them you can visit my Author Interview Blog via these two links. you will find links to the interviews on my post. I hope you read & enjoy.

AUTHOR INTERVIEW with the Infrasonic Detective


I was also asked to write a column for the NP Journal and have now become a contributor.

For a direct link to the column, click on the link GUEST POST COLUMN

My favourite bits...

"As a reader, I want to be shocked. I want to laugh, cry, feel loved, everything... Human nature dictates that we seek these emotions. Safer in a book than in real life, don't you think?

I think that children need to be encouraged to discover books. Libraries need to stay open and investments in education need to continue to secure the future development of our children. Saying this, Goodreads is a great site for readers to discuss books, meet other readers, and share. Social media is a powerful tool for any author. If you master it, you are on the road to success.


Becoming a writer has enabled me to use my skills and imagination. To create something that I can be proud of. It has also made my children aware of how hard it is to create a book - to write it, edit it, make covers, promote it, etc... I am hoping my daughter will be an agent one day! She is very critical. The fact they also see me read, blog, use social media, also means that I am closer to the world they are growing up in. I am not a complete dinosaur!

To conclude, can I challenge anyone reading this and wondering to just go for it? Write down your ideas, work hard to make it come together, have patience, and one day stand back and say to yourself, "I did that." That’s when you allow yourself to smile."

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