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Friday, 11 December 2015

Distraction for #Writers

It's not difficult to find something else to do at this time of the year! So much going on...

However, it has been my pleasure to help an author, A.G. Lyttle, I met a few years ago online to prepare his book for the market! He is planning to publish his book, based on the Easter Rising of 1916, in 2016 to mark 100 years since the occasion!

Not only is his book a fantastic read, but I have been having fun trying to design a cover too. All of this is great practice for my own book publication should I fail to get representation! (I might add that I am yet to send it off to any agents - chicken that I am!)

To read about the feedback I got on my new novel read THIS! I was thrilled to get the feedback, but am only now going over the edits!

I have also been reading a lot recently. I find that it relaxes me a lot, and feel that writing will come... no point forcing it. BUT, every day my mind conjures up new ideas, so I know my creative side will not be quashed!

I have gone back to teaching maths part-time and am enjoying it - I know some of you will doubt this, but I CAN make maths exciting! I am lucky to have a great group of children to work with.

Life is busy, but I'm happy. Ultimately, I love helping people too much to hide at home.

To all of you - have an amazing Christmas period! 

Spend time with friends & family and LAUGH a lot! Very therapeutic...


Vanessa :)

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  1. Two very worthy projects, Vanessa! Helping someone with their book and helping children with their maths. I wish someone had inspired me with maths when I was young!