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Wednesday, 24 June 2015

When other books get you down...

I had an amazing discussion online with a group on Facebook about the latest installment by E.L. James, GREY. Well, it seems the books are like marmite - love them or hate them.

Either way, I came across this article today in the BBC and it made me a bit sad.

Fifty Shades rewrite Grey breaks record in first week

So, basically if we all cut & paste, we could make new versions of our books and sell millions, right? Wrong...

I don't understand why this book has created an obsessive following, and don't see why so many should be desperate to read it.

I downloaded a sample and there was nothing there that pulled me in. He sounds like an obsessive creep and she comes across as pretty pathetic.

So yeah, I wish I could have these sales, I wish readers would download my free book in the same way they are willing to pay for this, but alas it's not to be.

Apparently, I share the same reason for writing as E.L. James. We both wanted escapism and got it.

BUT, her twisted trilogy became a bestseller and mine did not. Depressing to think about... moving on!

I know many writers out there, agents, and publishers must be pulling their hair out over this one too. I hope I'm not alone!

Well done, Mr Grey, you have controlled the masses via a book!

Hope you're all keeping well otherwise.

All the best,

Vanessa :)

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