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Monday, 23 March 2015


For the last few weeks I have suffering from a tooth ache and knowing that I had a dental visit waited patiently until today! So, one filling later and after being made fun of by my husband (he was actually really funny) I now talk like a dummy... hopefully, it'll pass!

Anyway, last week I made some progress on my new novel and it is now approaching the 60,000 work mark. I still have no idea if any of it is any good. Major editing will be needed. Even so, it is great to keep going and the love-story part is finally coming together! It's really hard to visualise a wedding 150 years ago in Jamaica, but I tried!

Yesterday, it was my daughter's Birthday Party and it was brilliant - thank you to Pizza Hut for an amazing job.

My daughter made this cake herself - with a little of my "unwanted" help" HA!
If you don't know about it (I didn't) they do kids parties for excellent value - click on the LINK! The staff at the Newport branch on the Isle of Wight could not be praised more. They were amazing...

After this, I took my daughter to see Insurgent in Cineworld in 3D. It was a treat for her - honest! This is a great review of the film by ENTERTAIN THIS, which basically says it all.

I really liked the film and the way it was different from the book. Why do things the same? Kate Winslet pulled off her character, Jeanine (crazy cold-hearted Erudite) really well. I liked the way Tris is portrayed as so tough, but wonder what they are saying about the perfect human being? (for those who know what's coming)

Either way, I would LOVE to see Theo James as the main character, Steven, in my trilogy! Added bonus, he is English - PERFECT for the role! Contacts, anyone? :)

I know, I know... I AM allowed to dream!

I do wonder how successful this franchise will be in the long run. For the third day showing, there were about ten people in the theatre... I personally look forward to the next installment.

Have a great week everyone - let's keep trying to live the dream.

Al the best,

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