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Friday, 26 December 2014

FREE & Reduced eBooks from #TETrilogy

Merry Christmas to all... 

I would really appreciate it if you would take the time to download my NEW book, EMILY. It is free for 5 days only. My trilogy is also hugely reduced until New Year's Eve! It is a time of giving after all. I think food for the mind is a good thing.

Thank you & enjoy,

*~AMAZING DEAL via Amazon~*

EMILY http://t.co/UOwcXzFVuE

Emily has not changed in fifty years. A freak accident made her immortal, or so she thinks. When she is finally allowed to return to her beloved England all is not as she expected. So much has changed. The past she was holding onto does not exist. Since the Second World War, people have embraced a new age. In this era, people have an obsession with gadgets, strange clothes and weird music.

Added to this her blood-lust has become insatiable and her promise to control herself is torn to shreds. That is until she meets Paul. She never expected to find love... and when it happens, can she do what it takes to hold on to it?

Fate has never been kind to Emily, and it gives her everything she wants at a cost. She must pay a price for being a murderer. For within her twisted heart lies a dark soul.


EMILY is the prequel to THE EVOLUTION TRILOGY, comprised of Hybrid, Complications and Return, which has over fifty five star reviews. It contains some adult content.


Also, get the entire Evolution Trilogy as an eBook for a crazy price! http://t.co/FZWmGd6yQQ

Steven Thorn is about to learn that his life is not going to be straightforward. Before he does, he meets Caitlin and discovers the irrational attraction of first love. However, when everything becomes complicated, will love be enough? Regardless of what he is and where his loyalty should lie, a decision has to be made. Rules are meant to be broken.

From the University of Southampton to the depths of the Amazon jungle in Brazil, Steven and Caitlin will discover that in the game of love, destiny is always the winner...


"I loved the entire trilogy and would recommend it to anyone who enjoys a paranormal story with a twist and some romance. I am impressed that the scenes that could have quickly turned these books into erotic were kept "clean" and "classy" while still bringing all of the emotion of the action between characters." 

"The Evolution trilogy was so much fun to read! All the components of a good series are there and I found myself thinking about the characters constantly. For me that is the sign of a good book - I can't get the characters out of my head, they come to work and the gym with me and I try to figure out what will happen next. I fell in love with Caitlin and Steven, the main characters in Hybrid, joined in on their adventures in Complications, and was rewarded with a finale that tied up all of the details and loose ends in Return book 3... A very satisfying ending! I highly recommend this trilogy." 
Susan L. Gerdon

"A great set of books. A must read for all. Imaginative story somehow believable. I would like to visit the community myself."
Lovely Lane

"Really enjoyed all 3 books, find them so readable and hard to put down. As soon as you start reading you feel involved in the story." 


THE EVOLUTION TRILOGY is a PARANORMAL ROMANCE with some scenes of an adult nature. It is comprised of three novels: HYBRID; COMPLICATIONS; and RETURN.

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